Friday, 9 February 2018

Medic Talks With Dr. Dera Okeke

Hello friends, Medic Talks continues TOMORROW AT 8PM on Instagram live video @healththenmore with Dr. Dera Okeke.
We’ll be having a VERY IMPORTANT discussion on how to make our workplaces safer.
Everyday at work, some medics are exposed to hazards virulent enough to kill in a short time, and sometimes Personal protective equipment (PPE) are not readily available (especially when you are in a developing country).
Recently in Nigeria, the minister of health said careless medical personnel are to blame for the spread of lassa fever; an epidemic that claimed the life of a young doctor. Other medical personnel like Dr. Ameyo Stella Adadevoh and Nurse Justina Ejelonu and their families have also suffered a painful loss.

Last month, Dr. Chibuike Joseph narrated how he was exposed to the Lassa virus and was left to fend for himself. He wrote,“Whatever hope I had for, and whatever faith I had in, this country, especially its healthcare system; died a few days ago.The height of negligence and incompetence I came face-to-face with, these few days, left me shattered, and lost for words.
Not just was I supposedly exposed unduly to a deadly virus, I was left with the headache of trying to contain its spread-- a task that should have been the exclusive reserve of the ministry of health, through its public health department.
And when I developed suggestive symptoms, I was refused treatment by a TEACHING HOSPITAL, and was left to fend for myself, even as I ran cross country, across the length and breadth of Nigeria, sick, exhausted, traumatized; and what more, possibly spreading the virus, as I travelled UNSUPERVISED!"
All these stories are truly sad but it's sadder if we don't figure out a better way to do things. So please join us this Saturday and let us all discuss what we can do to stop further "preventable" deaths?

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