Saturday, 24 February 2018

Forensic Medicine: Bad Blood and Assault

Dr. John Schneeberger was once a popular, trusted medical professional residing in Kipling, Canada before he was convicted of two counts of sexual assault in 1999.
He allegedly drugged his first victim, a 23-year-old patient named Candace, before assaulting her in his examination room. His second victim was his 13-year-old teenage stepdaughter, who reported the same awful story.
After Candace reported her assault to the authorities, the police forced Dr. Schneeberger to give blood for two DNA samples. When both came back negative, the case was closed. The police were baffled, and Candace took matters into her own hands. She hired a private detective to get another sample of Schneeberger’s DNA. The detective managed to collect a sample from the doctor’s lip balm, which turned out to be a match to the DNA from the crime scene. But, since they’d gotten it without a warrant, the evidence was dismissed in court. Dr. Schneeberger walked free.

When Lisa Schneeberger accused Dr. Schneeberger of molesting her 13-year-old daughter in January 1998, the doctor went in for another DNA test. This time, however, the police weren’t taking any chances. Instead of drawing blood samples from his arm, the blood was taken from his fingertips. The examiner also took hair samples and saliva swabs. The samples were a positive match, and he was once again sent to trial.

Faced with overwhelming evidence, the doctor confessed to his clever plot: He had been saving blood from patients and surgically implanting a thin rubber tube under his forearm skin next to his vein. When the technician drew blood for the first rape charges, he had actually drawn someone else’s blood from the tube. Dr. Schneeberger was convicted of rape—as well as obstruction of justice—and was sentenced to six years in prison.


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