Monday, 10 December 2018

Can you guess the diagnosis?

This is the Leser-Trélat sign. 

It is defined as the sudden eruption of multiple seborrheic keratoses caused by a malignancy/cancer (part of a paraneoplastic syndrome). This means once you see this sign, the patient most likely has an underlying malignancy.

Saturday, 8 December 2018

Test Your Medicine Knowledge

The correct answer is B.
High doses of intravenous corticosteroids, such as methylprednisolone (1000 mg daily for 3-5 consecutive days) are the drug of choice to reduce the duration of relapse/symptomatic attacks, in multiple sclerosis (MS).

Amantadine is often used for the treatment of fatigue in MS but is not specifically indicated to reduce the duration of significant MS relapses. Metoprolol has no role in the treatment of MS.

If a patient suffers depression, antidepressants may be used but they do not reduce the duration of MS exacerbations.


A 69-year-old woman from Seattle has died after contracting a rare brain-eating amoeba, Balamuthia mandrillaris.

As per a report in International Journal of Infectious Diseases, a sinus infection had earlier made the woman visit a doctor, who prescribed her with a neti-pot to flush out the sinus, a commonly used treatment. The treatment requires the use of sterile or saline water. The woman, however, used tap water which can contain tiny organisms that are safe to drink but can survive in nasal passages.

Yellow fever in Abuja

Yellow fever alert in Abuja!!!

Wednesday, 5 December 2018

Maxillofacial Injury

This farmer was successfully treated after he was attacked on his farm by unknown assailants who stole his phone, money and other items.

Tuesday, 4 December 2018

Can you guess the diagnosis?

This condition is known as Noma (Cancrum oris) and is typically found in children who are chronically malnourished, or after an epidemic of measles,  diarrhea, or malaria.

Monday, 3 December 2018

Physician and wife murdered in Adamawa


Dr. Mwajim Malgwi, an Adamawa State-based medical doctor, and his wife Elizabeth were reported killed on Sunday evening on their farm on the outskirts of Yola by unidentified gunmen.

He and his wife were brutally murdered in their car when assailants opened fire on their car.

Late Dr. Malgwi was Commissioner for Health in the old Gongola State from 1988 to1989. He was aged 73.

Tuesday, 20 November 2018

Surgical Robot Botches Surgery, Kills Man on Operating Table

In the name of scientific “progress,” Newcastle’s Freeman Hospital in the United Kingdom recently tried to pioneer the use of a surgical robot that it tasked with repairing a patient’s damaged heart valve, only to have the machine go completely bonkers and ultimately kill the man on the operating table.

According to reports, this first-time-use robot not only physically assaulted a living medic while attempting to conduct its programmed surgery, but also implanted stitches into the patient’s heart in a manner that physicians present during the fiasco described as not being in “an organised fashion.” After the surgical robot improperly installed the stitches, they had to be removed and replaced by the real-life doctors who were still present, extending the surgical time and further putting Pettitt’s life at risk.

During a hearing that followed this catastrophe, lead surgeon Sukumaran Nair admitted that he lacked proper experience in controlling and using the surgical robot, stating that he was “running before he could walk.” In other words, it was truly a case of medical negligence and malpractice on steroids.

Nair not only missed a critical training session in Paris that would have taught him how to properly use the surgical robot, but he also wasn’t present for another training sessions that later took place at his own hospital, claiming that he was busy with another surgery at the time.

Wednesday, 31 October 2018

Nurse loses her job over Halloween costume

Nurse Shelbi Heenan, a registered nurse at Saint Luke’s hospital in Kansas City has lost her job after posting a picture of herself and her husband dressed as Jay and Beyonce with a blackface for Halloween.

She was reported by a Facebook user to the hospital and thereafter, the hospital launched an investigation before issuing a statement saying, “Saint Luke’s is deeply committed to our culture of diversity and inclusion. It is fundamental to who we are as an organization and we vigorously protect it on behalf of all our patients and employees and expect those who represent us to do the same.”
By late morning Tuesday, Heenan was no longer a Saint Luke's employee.

Blackface started as a form of theatrical makeup used predominantly by non-black performers to represent a caricature of a black person. A major objection many people have to "blackface" is that it reinforces the idea that black people are appropriate targets of ridicule and mockery.

Tuesday, 30 October 2018

Malaria-Fighting Soap

Meet Joan Nalubega, the woman fighting malaria in Uganda with homemade soap. She sells her soaps to hotels at a normal price and then subsidizes the cost for those who can't afford it. She is an inspiration!

#BusinessIdea: Medics, if you live in a malaria-endemic area, you could also try making these soaps to sell, saving lives and making a profit too.

Video credit @aljazeera

Thursday, 11 October 2018

How to quit smoking!

 #TYMK At the end of the post on the pain of smoking, a question was posted- "What mnemonic is used when making a "quit smoking" plan with a patient (Clue - It begins with "S").

Here's the answer:
S = Set a Quit Date.
T = Tell Family, Friends, Doctor, And Co-workers You Are Quitting.
A = Anticipate And Plan For The Challenges You Will Face
R = Remove Tobacco-Related Products from Your Life
T = Talk to Your Doctor About Getting Help to Quit.
Counseling a patient with these steps can help prepare them to quit smoking!
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Tuesday, 9 October 2018

The Pain of Smoking

📽Despite several anti-smoking campaigns, the number of smokers continues to rise. If you do smoke or know someone who does, it's not too late to quit and regain your health.

💪🏽For those interested in quitting, there are several options to help you transition smoothly- nicotine replacement therapy with a gum or patch can you fight the urge. Your doctor may also prescribe medication if you are still struggling. Two popular medications are varenicline and bupropion. They are both safe and effective for tobacco smoking cessation. Remember to always visit your doctor for guidance and support on your journey

Sunday, 30 September 2018

Man Loses Limbs to Bacteria in Dog's Saliva

Greg Manteufel, 48, lost his arms and legs after an infection with a rare form of bacteria called capnocytophaga, which is common and harmless in dogs but can be fatal for humans that catch it. However, it remains unclear how the bacteria ended up in Greg's blood stream.
Although the infection was quickly cleared with antibiotics, the problem in Greg's case 'was that his body mounted an overwhelming response to this original blood infection and shut down the circulation of his limbs,' Dr. Munoz-Price, an epidemiologist, told the Associated Press.
His legs were amputated below the knee; then his forearms were amputated two weeks later while his nose still requires plastic surgery. But, for the record, Greg insists that he still loves dogs: 'I'll always love dogs. It's a sad situation but it wasn't the dog's fault.

Capnocytophaga canimorsus, a bacterial pathogen, is typically found in the saliva of cats and dogs.
The bacteria's transmission can occur through bites, licks or even close proximity to the animals and can lead to infection in humans who are immunocompromised.
Symptoms usually appear within one to eight days of exposure, but mostly on the second day. They can range from flu-like symptoms to sepsis.
Infection can usually be treated effectively with antibiotics but there can be long-term side effects which include amputation from gangrene, heart attack, and kidney failure.
Source: CDC

Saturday, 29 September 2018

#HTM Medics

“A doctors mission should be not just to prevent death, But also to improve the quality of life!
That’s why you treat a disease you win, you lose.. But you treat a person, No matter what’s the outcome.. You win!!!” Robin Williams❤️ (1951-2014)
Medic @the_pre_botzinger 👍🏽

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MP Appreciates Foreign Doctors

🇬🇧 Labour MP, Dennis Skinner pays tribute to foreign-born doctors who operated on him.
Credit @Channel4news

Sunday, 2 September 2018

New test detects false or substandard antibiotics

For many years, Nigeria and other countries in the developing world have grappled with the manufacture and distribution of substandard, nonlegitimate medicines.

The World Health Organization estimates that up to 10 percent of all drugs worldwide could be falsified, with up to 50 percent of those some form of antibiotics.  These drugs do not only cause harm to patients, they also contribute to the wider problem of antimicrobial resistance.

Saturday, 1 September 2018

Coin removal from a child

Children love to put things in their mouths especially coins, plastic toys, and small household items. If a child has stridor (a high-pitched sound heard when the child breathes), wheezing, cough, an initial choking episode, drooling or inability to eat, please suspect a foreign body obstruction.

Pharyngeal or tracheal foreign bodies are medical emergencies requiring surgical consultation. N.B- Radiography results are often normal.

Saturday, 25 August 2018

A Surgeon Who Loves Women

Dr. Benjamin Olowojebutu is a surgeon who does periodic medical missions in Lagos. And his focus is mostly free fibroid operation. As a specialist in maternal health, Ben is one surgeon who would do ANYTHING just to keep a woman alive. He wants to do 105 free surgeries this year!

How can a woman who sell roasted corn by the bus stop and struggles to feed her family inside the one room apartment they are squatting in pay 200k for fibroid operation?”

Monday, 9 July 2018


Fourteen-year-old Julienne once had the fear of an early death hanging over her head. But after a surgery to remove her encephalocele, she has blossomed into the vivacious young woman, and she can now look forward to a future full of possibilities! #globalsurgery via: mercyships

Sunday, 17 June 2018

Patrice A. Harris, MD, wins office of AMA president-elect

The AMA House of Delegates elected Patrice A. Harris, MD, a psychiatrist from Atlanta, as its president-elect at the AMA Annual Meeting in Chicago. She is the first black woman to win the office, and when she assumes the post of AMA president in June 2019, Dr. Harris also will be the Association’s first African-American female to hold that office.

Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Suicide by Dr. Kathleen Burns

Approximately 40,000 people die from suicide each year. Listen to Dr. Burns on ways in which we can reduce the rate by paying more attention to those who display risk factors for suicide 👩🏾‍⚕️ @dr_kayb

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Friday, 8 June 2018

“Dancing Doctor” Windell Boutte's Licence Suspended

“Dancing Doctor” Windell Boutte who posted videos of dancing and singing during surgery is speaking out after viral videos of her dancing and rapping while performing surgery have drawn heavy criticism.

Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Aisha Buhari urges doctors to check abuses, exorbitant charges

The wife of the President, Mrs Aisha Buhari, during a visit by the Association of General and Private Medical Practitioners of Nigeria (AGPMPN) on Wednesday urged doctors  to make medical fees affordable to enable all Nigerians access quality healthcare.

Monday, 16 April 2018

Goiter: A swelling in the neck

This is Djenabou and that massive #goitre had been growing for 18 years .
When @MercyShips visited #Cameroon, she got blessed with a free surgery and is ready to start her life anew.

📚A goiter is an enlarged thyroid gland resulting in a “swollen neck” and it may be diffuse or nodular.

Friday, 6 April 2018

CDC call for early aggressive action against antibiotic resistance

The U.S. Centers for Diseases Control has called for early aggressive action against antibiotic resistance.

The call was due to new data from 2017 showing 221 instances of “nightmare bacteria”
o 11% were non-symptomatic with hard-to- treat bacteria
o 25% of bacteria had genes that enable spread of resistance

Monday, 2 April 2018

Hernia Repair

A hernia occurs when an organ or internal tissue breaks through a hole in the muscles. Hernia repair surgery or herniorrhaphy involves returning the displaced tissues to their proper position.

Monday Motivation

Maybe you just don't feel up to it, maybe you aren't in the best of moods; whichever mood you may be in- get up, show up and get the job done! 
"No matter how much falls on us, we keep plowing ahead. That's the only way to keep the roads clear." Greg Kincaid

Sunday, 25 March 2018

Doctors do not have nutritional training- BBC

If you think your doctor is an expert on nutrition just because he/she is a doctor- YOU ARE WRONG!! Yes the "code" has been broken
Today's article by BBC news has uncovered the lack of nutrition training in medical school. Medical students say they currently learn almost nothing about the way diet and lifestyle affect health - and they should be taught more.
Dr Michael Mosley, presenter of BBC One's Trust Me I'm A Doctor, said, "Unfortunately it's not part of the traditional training. At medical school I learnt almost nothing about nutrition. And I have a son at medical school and it's again not part of his key curriculum. "So I don't get the sense that there are lots of doctors out there who feel empowered to tell patients much about nutrition.
This month, the British Medical Journal announced it will launch a journal on the science and politics of nutrition in June 2018.
Dr Fiona Godlee, editor-in-chief of the BMJ, told me, "It's time we recognised that food and nutrition are core to health. There is a growing body of research out there that needs to be published - and we want to contribute to that effort."
As a doctor, do you agree with this article? Let's discuss. 

Saturday, 24 March 2018

Doctors can now restore eyesight with stem cells

Doctors can now restore eyesight with stem cells (via @NowThis Future)
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Nigerian Health workers to begin nationwide strike on April 7, 2018

Mr Chimele Ogbonna, Vice President of JOHESU, made the disclosure on Thursday in Jos and said that the health workers had explored all avenues for an amicable settlement of the issues and were left with no other option.
“If the agreements with JOHESU in 2009, 2014 and 2017 are not honoured, we will embark on an indefinite nationwide strike.
“The strike will be total and affect all health institutions from federal, state and local governments,” he stated.

Saturday, 10 March 2018

Nigerian health workers are irresponsible - El Rufai

In a statement bound to enrage most doctors in Nigeria, the current Governor of Kaduna state allegedly called
Nigerian health workers irresponsible and advocated for a lower minimum wage

Do you agree with him? 🤔🤔

Tuesday, 6 March 2018

Researchers say Diabetes is actually made up of FIVE different conditions

For decades, Diabetes has been divided into two types: type one, an autoimmune disease in which people stop producing insulin, and type two, in which the body becomes resistant to insulin.
But now researchers, led by experts at Lund University have found type two diabetes should actually be categorised as four different diseases and this finding should prompt a ‘paradigm shift’ in the way people treat diabetes.

Friday, 2 March 2018

Medic Talks: Medicine and Residency

👋🏽Hello friends, Medic Talks continues this Saturday with Dr. Tosin Odunsi-Akanji,  OB/GYN Resident and Life/Career Mentor @lifebytosin.
🗣👥 She'll be sharing useful career advice and a personal story on her non-traditional path into Medicine. If you join us, you'll get a chance to ask her all your questions and gain useful information.

Saturday, 24 February 2018

Forensic Medicine: Bad Blood and Assault

Dr. John Schneeberger was once a popular, trusted medical professional residing in Kipling, Canada before he was convicted of two counts of sexual assault in 1999.
He allegedly drugged his first victim, a 23-year-old patient named Candace, before assaulting her in his examination room. His second victim was his 13-year-old teenage stepdaughter, who reported the same awful story.
After Candace reported her assault to the authorities, the police forced Dr. Schneeberger to give blood for two DNA samples. When both came back negative, the case was closed. The police were baffled, and Candace took matters into her own hands. She hired a private detective to get another sample of Schneeberger’s DNA. The detective managed to collect a sample from the doctor’s lip balm, which turned out to be a match to the DNA from the crime scene. But, since they’d gotten it without a warrant, the evidence was dismissed in court. Dr. Schneeberger walked free.

Thursday, 22 February 2018

De Quervain's tenosynovitis

🤱🤱This condition affects many first-time mothers, so suspect this diagnosis when a new mum complains of pain in her hands, sometimes there may be a clicking sound.
⚠️Although this condition often happens after pregnancy, it is not exclusive to new mothers. People who play golf or the piano or type frequently are also affected.
👨🏽‍⚕️De Quervain's tenosynovitis is the inflammation of the sheath/synovium, that surrounds the two tendons that run between the wrist and the thumb. As the synovium swells and thickens, it becomes painful for a person to move their thumb.

Meningitis outbreak: Four die in Niger state, 31 cases reported

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Wednesday, 21 February 2018

The end of circumcision?

Is this the beginning of the end of male circumcision? 🤔🤔Read on...
Iceland is poised to become the first European country to outlaw male circumcision amid signs that the ritual common to both Judaism and Islam may be a new battleground over religious freedom.
Iceland’s population of about 336,000 includes about 250 Jews and 1,500 Muslims, and a bill currently before the Icelandic parliament proposes a penalty of up to six years in prison for anyone carrying out a circumcision other than for medical reasons.

Can you guess the diagnosis?

This is the Leser-Trélat sign.  It is defined as the sudden eruption of multiple seborrheic keratoses caused by a malignancy/cancer ...