Sunday, 24 December 2017

Health News: Fibrous dysplasia

📚📚Fibrous dysplasia is a noninherited developmental anomaly  that causes tissue to be replaced by bone.
🚑Patients with small, monostotic lesions may be asymptomatic, however, bone pain, swelling, and tenderness are common presentations in symptomatic patients. Endocrine disturbances may be the initial presentation in other patients.
📒📘Polyostotic  fibrous dysplasia  (involving or relating to many bones ) fibrous dysplasia can occur as a part of McCune-Albright syndrome (unilateral polyostotic fibrous dysplasia, ipsilateral café-au-lait spots on the skin, and endocrine disturbances such as precocious puberty) or Mazabraud syndrome (polyostotic fibrous dysplasia and soft-tissue myxomas).
📍📌The most common sites of skeletal involvement are the ribs, proximal femur, and craniofacial bones, typically the posterior maxilla. The lesion may involve only a small segment of bone or it may occupy its entire length.
💊💉Although the manifestations of the polyostotic form may be severe, it does not proliferate and generally becomes  dormant at puberty.
Emanuel is scheduled to undergo his first lifesaving surgery at Holtz Children's Hospital in January.
IKF Wonderfund, a Jackson Health Foundation program that helps critically ill children from countries around the world gain immediate access to lifesaving or life-changing medical treatments, took Emanuel's case.  
Video by University of Miami

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