Saturday, 20 May 2017

Test Your Medicine Knowledge: Parinaud Syndrome

The correct answer is Parinaud's syndrome (Dorsal Midbrain Syndrome).
Parinaud's Syndrome is caused by lesions of the upper brain stem resulting in a cluster of abnormalities of eye movement and pupil dysfunction. It is often seen in association with pineal gland tumours

It manifests with:
  1. Paralysis of upward gaze
  2. Pseudo- Argyll Robertson pupils: Pupils become mid-dilated and show light-near dissociation.
  3. Convergence-Retraction nystagmus: Attempts at upward gaze often produce this phenomenon. On fast up-gaze, the eyes pull in and the globes retract.
  4. Eyelid retraction (Collier's sign)
  5. Conjugate down gaze in the primary position ("setting-sun sign")
Treatment is primarily directed towards the etiology of dorsal midbrain syndrome. 90% of patients with pure intracranial germinomas can be treated successfully by radiation therapy.

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