Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Video: Smokers Lung And A Normal Lung

Here we have an example of a Smokers lungs vs healthy lungs.
The difference between these two lungs needs no real description.
My views on smoking are pretty split to be honest, I have a few close friends and family who smoke. And I've personally tried to get my dad to quit many times but at the same time do not want to push him too hard because I know he is has a lot of pressure at work.
I've seen first hand how much damage smoking could do to the body when I did my Asthma/Smoking lab research project.

But at the same time I want people to make the healthy choices for themselves.
I believe the best we can do in these types of scenarios is give them all the information we can and let them make up their own mind.
Sending my love out to you all and hope you are all staying healthy 😊
Source: @studydoctor on Instagram

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