Sunday, 8 January 2017

Video: Repair of an intestinal perforation

🏨📚Gastrointestinal perforation is a medical emergency with increased mortality if immediate medical care is not received. Early diagnosis and treatment is key to survival.
👉🏽Symptoms of a GI perforation include severe stomach pain, vomiting, and fever.

👉🏽A GI perforation can result from a number of different diseases, including PUD, appendicitis and diverticulitis. It can also be the result of trauma, such as a knife wound or gunshot wound. A perforation may also occur in the gallbladder. This can have symptoms that are similar to the symptoms of a gastrointestinal perforation.
The goals of surgical therapy are as follows:
👉🏽To correct the underlying anatomic problem.
👉🏽To correct the cause of peritonitis and to
👉🏽To remove any foreign material in the peritoneal cavity that might inhibit WBC function and promote bacterial growth (eg, feces, food, bile, gastric or intestinal secretions, blood)

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