Saturday, 7 January 2017

Cervical Cancer Awareness Month

A message from Doctor @asabi_ade🏩🏩
: "VACCINATION!!! PAP SMEAR!!! VACCINATION!!! PAP SMEAR!!! Do you know that Cervical Cancer is preventable??
YES, up to 93% of Cervical Cancers are preventable..
You can get it prevented by-
◇ Getting vaccinated, which is ideally given before a lady gets sexually active, and if sexually active, ladies before 26yrs could still benefit from the vaccine.
Girls of about 11 or 12yrs old get 2 shots of the HPV vaccine 6-12months apart, while Adolescents less than 26years of age should get 3 shots of the vaccine over 6months. ◇Another way of prevention is the PAP TEST.

All women should begin cervical screening at age 21 and should be done every 3 YEARS.
*From age 30, it is adviced to do a PAP TEST combined with an HPV test every 5yrs, till age 65.
*Vaccination does not stop you from doing a PAP TEST every 3yrs, that is because the vaccine does not protect against all types of Cervical Cancer.

SO PLEASE DO NOT FORGET TO GET A PAP SMEAR DONE FOR YOURSELF, SISTERS, AUNTIES, MUMS, GIRLFRIEND, SIDE CHICK et al.. You could drop comments or Dm for further questions or clarification..
Merci😘😘" .

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