Saturday, 5 November 2016

Fart Causes Fire In The Theatre

A patient who farted during a surgical procedure in Tokyo, Japan allegedly sparked a fire that seriously burned her, according to a hospital report.😱😱
The unnamed woman, in her 30s, was undergoing an operation in April at Tokyo Medical University Hospital that involved applying a laser to her cervix, when the laser ignited.
The blaze burned much of her body, including her waist and legs, according to a hospital report released on October 28.
The committee charged with investigating the incident ruled that there were no flammable materials nearby at the time of the surgery and that the equipment was operating normally, leading them to conclude that the women's flatulence was the cause.
"When the patient's intestinal gas leaked into the space of the operation (room), it ignited with the irradiation of the laser," the report states, "and the burning spread, eventually reaching the surgical drape and causing the fire."😲😲

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