Friday, 7 October 2016

Management of a snakebite

Picture shows necrosis caused by a snake bite.
Management of a snakebite 🏨includes reviewing the ABCs and evaluating the patient for signs of shock.
👉🏽A: Start with a rapid assessment of the patient's airway.
👉🏽B: Administer oxygen therapy. Keep a close watch on the airway at all times in case intubation becomes necessary.
👉🏽C: Monitor🕵🏾 vital signs and establish at least one large-bore IV and initiate crystalloid infusion.
✅Restrict activity and immobilize the affected area; keep walking to a minimum.
✅Remove any jewelry or constricting clothing from the patient's affected area.
❌Do not manipulate the wound site. It is not recommended to incise the site or perform oral suction.
👉🏽Give Antivenin💉💉.
👉🏽Investigations: FBC, Clotting studies and fibrinogen level.
👉🏽Monitor🕵🏾 patient for the development of compartment syndrome.

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