Monday, 24 October 2016

Closure of an abdominal wound with Bogota bag

Pic📷📸: Closure of an abdominal wound with Bogota bag.
Bogota bag has several clinical advantages: it allows permanent drainage of the abdominal wall, because it is not sealed; prevents evisceration, because the viscera are contained in this plastic bag; favours the ventilation of the patient because it reduces intraabdominal pressure rise and prevents the diaphragm.

It facilitates the natural closing of the wall, because it is injured less; wounds prevent bedsores and secondary total points or staples used to hold the abdominal wall; preventing compartment syndrome, as it facilitates the expansion and intraabdominal pressure decreases; and retains the skin and aponeurosis better conditions for delayed closure.
Cc: @kingjenyair😀😀.

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