Monday, 24 October 2016

An extraordinary doctor

We all know Medicine is not an easy course of study, but to combine that with running four different businesses in a foreign country and still managing to succeed on all fronts is just ah-mazing!
Dr. Adedunmola Oluwo (@dedun05) who recently graduated from a Medical School in Hungary, solely manages Dedun's Cakes, a four-year-old cake and pastry company; Hair by Dedun, a six-year-old hair styling business that caters to every hair texture; Dedun Cooks, a six-year-old Nigerian food catering business, and Belle Artistry by Dedun, a new beauty-focused business she started earlier in 2016. Also recently, she runs an inspirational blog and a YouTube channel - talk of being versatile.
Not only has this young achiever made Nigeria proud by representing us in good light in the diaspora, she has also managed to be financially stable and independent from her loving mother.
In her words: "I was miraculously able to combine all these without repeating a year in the 7 years of Medical school while achieving utmost financial independence from my retired single mum. I was able to make and save enough to pay for my Masters which I'm starting next month at Rome Business School, Italy. I'm sharing my story to inspire others that it doesn't matter what your situation is, you can always challenge yourself to achieve great things whether you are a 17-yr-old (like I was when I started) or older."
If you are reading this, you should be inspired. These days we don't hear of young people like this accomplishing such remarkable feats anymore. The great lesson here is that no matter what you are facing or your current circumstances in life, you can always push yourself to achieve great things regardless of your age.

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