Friday, 28 October 2016

Adegoke Olubusi: Changing the face of healthcare in Nigeria

Meet Adegoke Olubusi, innovator of OneMedicalNG; an advanced digital health records platform designed for Nigeria.

OneMedicalNG aims to accelerate Nigeria's transition to a data-driven healthcare system
by digitizing medical records, making them secure and instantly accessible to all
healthcare facilities and professionals on-demand."

Olubusi said  he came up with idea over 2 years ago after a thorough analysis of Nigeria's current healthcare climate. Many issues with DATA. Poorly recorded, inaccessible, etc.

He said, "it's the only medical file that you'll ever need!" and has won Etisalat's Prize for Innovation.


  1. Thank God for your innovations and willingness to make changes in your race and uplifting the images of black people and Nigeria as well as your state Ekiti. Keep the flag flying.

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