Monday, 5 September 2016

What did this doctor do wrong?

RepostBy @instablog9ja: "The staff on night duty at the Ebute-Metta Health centre must be punished – Lagosian . . Adeyemi Oridupa wrote: "I had a terrible experience this dawn (4th sept 2016 @12:45am) at the Ebute Metta Health centre on cemetery street! I took my little nephew there as a result of severe vomiting (over 6 times) and dehydration with all his eyes sucked in and his facial bones were already protruding and his thighs were seriously paining him as he had lost too much fluid and he was seriously weak. . . On getting there, I tried talking to one of the two nurses on duty and she just sat there staring at me like i was talking to a statue then the other nurse intervened and asked some questions then d first nurse lazily got up to call the doctor who was sleeping at that time. . . It was already 20mins and he wasn't coming out then when i raised my voice and the nurses were even raining insults saying i should have taken him to a private hospital instead, then Dr. Olatunji finally came out. . . He wrote a prescription of only Maxolone ( for vomiting) and paracetamol. So i asked him if he wont give my nephew any infusion (drip) as he was totally dehydrated he didn't answer and the nurse said i shouldn't teach him his job. . He now later said they wont be able to manage my nephew there and that they will have to refer. So i said even if you will refer, wont you at least rehydrate him just to make him a bit strong and also stop the pains in his thighs, he said theres nothing else he can do. . . Dr olatunji then referred us to Randle General hosp. So we had to leave the hosp for our house at about 1:40 am thinking the drug they gave will surpress the vomiting but it became worse and about 5am, i rushed him to randle where they took the case as a serious medical emergency because he was almost going! . Doctors and nurses are supposed to save people but some are killing people everyday! The staff on night duty at the Ebute-Metta Health centre from 3rd September to 4th september 2016 must not go unpunished!" . The matter has gotten Gov. Ambode's attention and I can only imagine the truckload of trouble that doctor is going to face. . Cc: @dr_beams
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