Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Viral video of a man with cancer

Video of Ali Banat, who is in his last stage of cancer, goes viral.

The Australian was diagnosed with Cancer, some months ago, and doctors have given him only 7 months to live. Despite his circumstances, he considers this a gift from Allah. .

When asked why he called the illness a gift from the Allah, the sobbing Ali Banat said the disease was opportunity for transformation. Despite having the dreaded disease all over his body, Ali Banat psyched himself for the day he will breathe his last. .

The once successful businessman chose to reconsider his bountiful lifestyle. He got rid of his cars, a fleet that comprises of Ferrari Spider, and had to do away with his expensive watches as he was determined to shun the worldly life in preparation for the day he shall depart the earth.

A trip to his room shows the luxurious lifestyle which he was living, from designer bracelets that cost around $60, 000, expensive watches, designers sunglasses and top of the range sneakers – some of which have made way to under-priviledged communities in Africa.

Messages of support from people across the world have been sent to Ali Banat, who has established a charity organization that has constructed a masjid and school in Africa, which will serve as continuing charity when he passes on. He is now in his final stages, and today, he made this video, which has since gone viral".

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