Thursday, 8 September 2016

Video: Rotationplasty

Rotationplasty is an alternative surgical procedure to limb sparing surgery.

The procedure is most commonly advocated for young patients with bone cancer of the the distal femur (lower end of the thigh bone), but has also been undertaken in older patients and in other skeletal locations such as the hip and shoulder.

When a patient has cancer in a limb, he or she will usually undergo chemotherapy, radiation, and/or surgery first. Limb removal is done when it is no longer possible to save the limb or if the patient is skeletally immature. This can be done either through amputation or through Van Ness rotationplasty.

Van Ness rotationplasty is the removal of the tumour plus the joint. After removing the bone tumor, the distal limb is attached to the proximal limb with the foot facing backward. The foot then acts like the knee joint and a prosthesis is attached to it. This allows the patient to control the movement of the prosthesis much better.

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