Thursday, 22 September 2016

Man vows to write a petition against a doctor for causing his sister's appendix to rupture.

He wrote:

"It is with a deep pain that I write this.

My baby sister just left the theatre right now. A surgery was performed on her, the doctors said its appendix. The said appendix broke open in the stomach caused by the improper attention/healthcare and delay she got from the first hospital she was taken to, one Chinonye Hospital, a private hospital whose owner is said to have some political post in the health sector of Abia state. She went to a private hospital because government hospitals are on strike.

The Managing Doctor of this private hospital recommended MP and widal (malaria and typhoid) tests when my sister was crying of sharp tearing pains in her stomach, pains that caused her to leave her project work in school for a medical attention, the quack doctor pumped bags of drip into her body last night without knowing what the condition was. Of course the pain persisted as expected. So they left my sister lying there unattended to throughout the night to the late morning of today. She called me, weeping and helpless. I almost cried on phone too.

When my mother got to the hospital to get her out to a better hospital, the doctor inflated his bill for 2bags of drip to the sum of N53,000, his reason being that my sister insulted him while in pain, unattended to. I asked to talk to the doctor, he refused. He was determined to keep her there until the money is paid even if she died.

Well, the money was paid and she was was taken to a better private hospital, a successful surgery was performed on her at the cost of N120,000. Even at the hospital where the surgery was performed, Living World Hospital, Aba, the doctors insisted that the whole amount billed must be paid before the surgery begins indifferent on the fact that today is weekend hence banks are closed. N20,000 was billed separately even before diagnosis.

I thought doctors take an oath of service? Of what significance is that oath? I am going to get the name of that doctor who delayed my sister and caused appendix to burst open in her stomach, I'm going to send a petition against him to the Medical Association of Nigeria. I will make sure his license of practise is revoked. I won't stop until I achieve that."

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