Sunday, 18 September 2016

Is this the worst hospital in Nigeria?

A Facebook user, Emmanuel Ojo, posted these pictures and wrote the following:

“I am from Ogun West and I can tell you for free that in Ogun State, when it comes to overall rural infrastructural development and socioeconomic advancement initiatives, we cannot really boast of anything tangible under this government.

Near to non-existence as 90% of the few developmental initiatives and projects have been deliberately abandoned by the government. No portable water. No good academic environment. No good roads. No encouragement and assistance on farming. When it comes to human empowerment via government assistance, we are nowhere to be found under this regime. We aren’t lazy… Basically we help ourselves with or without the government. We are enterprising and self-reliant, though a little bit poor.”

The post went viral last week with many sites calling it "The worst hospital in Nigeria" but we know this is not a hospital. It is a Primary Health Centre (PHC). The real question is: " Is this okay for a PHC?"

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