Saturday, 17 September 2016

Facebook user narrates bad experience at LASUTH

A Facebook user narrates his bad experience at LASUTH. He wrote:
"it saddens me how we don't value lives in our health sector. I was "unprivileged" to visit a friend at LASUTH some few minutes ago and I had to thank God for the opportunity to be able to afford a private GP. I live partially abroad so I have access to a medical aid and I've asked myself severally why we can't have a functioning medical aid in Nigeria. I doubt the effectiveness of the NHiS.
My friend is doing her masters at UNILAG, she fell sick last week but after the UNilag clinic couldn't help out, her mum took her to LASUTH this afternoon , when I visited her, she was one a bed with 2 other male patients. I asked her why and she said the doctors refused to attend to her. According to her, the doctor said if she was a student of LASU, he might have given her a bed but since she is a student of Unilag, she should go to LUTH. Her mum had to insist for her to be given a drip.
My observations
1) the second male patient was being attended to on a wheel chair, he was so immobile and his case was critical as they could not locate a vain in him yet they could not find him a bed,
2) the patients have to buy everything they need including the gloves.
3) The nurses were very nonchalant about how they carry out their duties
My Solution
1) We need to organize an intervention for health workers across Nigeria, I have noticed that this is an African problem especially in public hospitals. Some months ago, I was privileged to be invited to IOH LAGOS to work with the nurses on how to relate with their patients, one of the key observation I noted from their responses was that the environment and challenges they face in carrying out their duties influence their relationship with patients,
There are lots of root causes that need to be addressed while solving the health sector problem. Corruption is just one.
Generally, as Nigerians, I'm not sure of how we value lives unless it's ours.

I think his solutions are pretty reasonable.

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