Monday, 26 September 2016

Did Doctors Really Kill This Patient?

Facebook user says a doctor is responsible for her nephew's death. She wrote:

The picture above is our sister Edith's son who was murdered 2 days ago by Nigerian Doctor and nurses at hospital in Lagos. This young man just completed his undergraduate young degree in Nigeria and was waiting for his NYSC Posting when he suffered from inflammed appendix and attended a hospital in anticipation for having his appendix removed successfully.
According to his mom and siblings, this handsome youngster was admitted 7 days ago to the unnamed hospital and the doctor placed him on IVF all through the 7 days and asked him not to eat anything ( NBM ). On Tuesday, he did the surgery with bilateral dissection as though it was Laparotomy.
This young man was brought out of theatrewithout a catheter. On Wednesday, this young man requested to urinate and Nigerian nurses insisted that they have no bed pan nor urine bottle for his use . In desperation the young man took himself to the loo and collapsed on floor, bleeding profusely there and later died without any so called nurses to help him.
Now if this young man was your brother, what will you do? Please respond .
Are these stories even true🤔?

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