Thursday, 22 September 2016

A doctor shares a good samaritan experience

Dr. Shola Dosunmu shares how a patient's life was saved by a good samaritan. She wrote on Facebook:

"Two days ago , I learnt the true meaning of “goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life”.

"A patient was rushed into my practice after he sustained a severe neck injury. He was pocked in the neck with a 16mm iron rod while in motion on a power bike, the blood gushing out of his neck had soaked his suit and he was just bleeding helplessly on the road when a lady stopped to help. Without thinking of the consequences of this man dying in her car, she put him on her back sit and drove to the hospital. As if this was not enough help, she made a huge deposit and said “doctor pls do all you can, I know he’s lost a lot of blood”. At this point, all I thought of was how to keep this patient alive.

Patient was taken to OR, thank God the rod missed the major vessels in the neck, we were able to stop bleeding and stabilize the patient. It was at this point I went to break the good news to the GOOD SAMARITAN, who I had thought was his relative and to my shock she said she just stopped to help. For a moment I thought wao! Am I in Nigeria? In this era of change? You bring someone you don’t know to the hospital and pay the bill? Surely goodness and mercy was following this dude, he got help just on time."

We do still have some good people after all.

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