Saturday, 6 August 2016

What Humans Would Look Like If We Survived Car Accidents

Artists and scientists in Australia sculpted what the perfect human evolved to survive car crashes would look like — and it is not pretty.

Melbourne sculptor Patricia Picci, along with Dr. David Logan, a road safety engineer and Christian Kenfield, a trauma surgeon, created Graham, a giant blob with more than a dozen nipples, a giant head with no neck and ears on his flat face.

Sure, he looks like a freak, but at least the trade-off is he’ll be able to survive any car accidents.

The thick head surrounding his skull in fat means less brain injuries, without a neck to break, and a flat face to protect his nose and ears.

His skull has morphed into a helmet shape, while the face is surrounded by fat to take on the impact.

The interactive statue, made from silicone, fiberglass, resin and human hair, is on display at the State Library of Victoria until Aug. 8, and expected to go on tour.

Click here to tour the model.

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