Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Video: This "eye doctor" claims he can cure all eye problems

This man who works under a bridge in Lagos, claims to have a cure for many eye problems. He's the Lagos Street Optician.

"I learnt it from my family but I wanted to learn more so I went to natural medicine school," explains Mr Faith.

Many Nigerians claim to have cures to many ailments, and this "optician" claims to use plants and traditional herbs to heal short sightedness, watery eyes, itchy eyes and more.

"Eye wey no dey see well, eye wey dey itch, eye wey dey comot water!" says the Eye Doctor to all who pass by.

For people who could not afford hospital bills and professional medical attention - finding cheap solutions to their illnesses is often essential - whether it works or not.

Adeola spoke to this roadside eyes doctor, "My name is doctor Faith, from REPAMP Nigeria limited the young doctor starts introducing himself,and have been in this business for 18yrs now,i learnt from my family and later went to a natural medicine school for further studies.

Adeola asked one of his patients after getting his eyes treatment if there is a different

He replied "I see more clearly and from afar now that the worms has been removed."

Would you get your eyes treated by a road side doctor?

Source- Battabox

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