Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Miracles do happen!!!

The Syrian mother in this video was 9 months pregnant when her water broke. On the way to the hospital, her car was hit by an airstrike. Rather than arriving to the hospital eager to meet her child, she was stretchered in unconscious. .

The surgeons began to fight to save two lives. When they undressed the mother, they found fragments lodged in her abdomen which raised suspicions of possible intrauterine death. The explosion from a barrel bomb that killed 45 people & injured dozens had broken the mother’s right arm & leg, but injuries to her child were the biggest concern. .

In this video we watch the physicians perform an emergency caesarian. When the baby was pulled out of the womb, it had no pulse. The doctors performed CPR & cleared the child's airways. Miraculously, the chest compressions allowed the baby’s heart to start back up again! The physicians are then seen flipping the child over in order to allow blood flow to it's brain & used the old school method of spanking the baby in hopes to stimulate it to take it’s first breath (bear in mind, newborns are designed to endure the stressful process of birth. .

Although it may seem like the doctors are being rough with the child, this maneuver will have little to no harm on the baby when compared to it’s inability to breath). What happens next is magical, the baby opens it’s eyes & takes it's first breath! .

The war almost ended this boys life before it began, but the resiliency of the human body proves time & time again that it can endure calamity of catastrophic proportions. Both the mother & child are now in stable condition. Our hearts go out to all of those innocent families who are in a constant state of emergency in Syria. Bless the brave medical staff for reminding us what medicine is all about.

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