Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Medical doctor arrested over missing kidneys

Yesterday, the Adamawa State Police Command arrested Dr Hassan Yakubu, for his alleged role in the removal of the kidney of Mallam Isa Hamma in his clinic on July 8, 2016.

A police spokesperson said the arrest of the medical doctor was to help with their investigations into the kidney theft accusation levelled by his 24 year old patient.

It was alleged that the doctor removed Isa's kidneys after some medical errors while treating Isa for abdominal pain.

Isa's uncle, Umaru said three days after the operation, Isa stopped passing urine. Later, his face and legs became swollen which prompted the family to return to the accused doctor who later referred them to the Federal Medical Centre in Gombe.

It was at Gombe hospital that medical officials working with the Federal Medical Centre told them that Isa’s kidney had been “removed.”


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