Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Man Writes About His Experience In National Hospital Abuja

After being turned away from National Hospital, Abuja on Monday, Mr Adams is thrilled with the service he got today saying: " Blood samples on point."

On Monday, he had written on his Facebook page:

"The Entity called NIGERIA is created for some people, there are no provisions for the poor people in Nigeria, it occurred to me today when I visited National Hospital Abuja for my failing health, I got there sometimes 9am n I was directed to where I will register being a new patient, on getting there the woman incharge told me Doctor had instructed them not to register anybody today again, I pleaded with her to assist me Bcos of condition, she said no way, I asked her to show me way Doctors office is which she did, I went there n I was later attended to Due to my condition, the reason why doctor said they Shd stop the registration was that, they didn't have enough consultants that will attend to patients, do you know that other patients that came after me were not attended to, they left unattended to? What if these people die before 2mrw? It wasn't like this in abroad, they treat patients like Prince or princess even if you are child of nobody, they will treat you in abroad even if you have no money but here in Nigeria reverse is the case, if child of influential Nigeria came that time they will attend to him/her. I just from there concluded in my mind that poor people have no place in this country. May Allah Assist Us."

.....Glad he finally got attended to.

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