Friday, 5 August 2016

Lost Dental Tool Found In Patient's Stomach

An Illinois man has been awarded $675,000 after a tool his dentist misplaced during a root canal turned up inside his body a few days later.

Janus Pawlowicz, a truck driver said he went to his long-time dentist, Dr. Beata Kozar-Warchalowska in Des Plaines, about two years ago for a root canal procedure, and she (the dentist) told him after the surgery that one of her tools had gone missing.

Few days later he was hospitalized with sharp pains in his stomach.

Doctors discovered the dentist's missing tool had fallen down Pawlowicz's throat and ended up lodged in his stomach. The tool, called a barbed breach, was removed via emergency surgery.

Pawlowicz took Kozar-Warchalowska to court last year and was awarded a $675,000 (N270,000,000) settlement this August.

Dr. Beata was blamed for failing to use a dental dam to prevent objects from falling down the patient's throat.

.........and with this hefty settlement, I doubt she'll ever forget again.

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