Monday, 8 August 2016

Carribean Medical Student Debunks Vanguard Report

A Rivers state medical student on scholarship in the Caribbean, Udochukwu Junior has written to Touch Port-Harcourt to discredit the viral stealing report by Vanguard newspaper.

Read his statement below:

"I would like to use this medium to disavow and debunk the Vanguard publication about Nigerian medical students in the Caribbean taking to stealing. They published BLATANT lies against hardworking students trying their best to better their lives and contribute to society meaningfully.

They published pictures, which I do not know where they obtained from, without express permission and consent to publish them – we have NEVER given consent for our pictures to be published, nor will we ever do so. That is just bad, unprofessional journalism in my humble opinion.

NOBODY here is engaging in fraudulent acts or stealing as Vanguard claims, it is just outrageous, imaginative, unfounded, and meant to tarnish the image of Nigerians everywhere.
The Students

I have made several attempts [via email, phone call] to get the Vanguard’s online editor to take the article down and print a recant, with the truth only, that illustrates what RSSDA-sponsored scholars are going through around the WORLD, not just in the Caribbean alone which I think is myopic of them.

Over the phone his statement to me was “nobody tells Vanguard what to use as their headline, that they will print whatever headline they like”. Those were his exact words.

I do not know where they got their false information from or the pictures they published. It is just a pathetic attempt to distract people from the wickedness the Rivers State Government is showing to her citizens studying under the RSSDA-sponsored scholarship scheme, and sell newspapers while doing so.

Please I and every other RSSDA-sponsored student worldwide, rely on you to tell our real story, the real story of our sufferings, NOT one filled with embellishments and bald-faced lies as Vanguard did.

This article was sent to Touch PortHarcourt (TouchPH) by Udochukwu Junior, a final year medical student studying in the Caribbeans under the RSSDA Scholarship Programme.

I have my doubts about the article though; it could be a conspiracy to cover the government's wrongdoing.


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