Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Nigerian Doctor Caught With Extreme Sex Tapes

Cyprian Okoro
A 55-year-old UK-based Nigerian doctor identified as Cyprian Okoro, is making major news headlines worldwide after he was caught with a stash of ‘extreme pornography’, including a video of a man having s*x with a snake.

According to a shocking report by Dailymail, the doctor allegedly stored the images on his Samsung mobile phone having received them via WhatsApp, – they included three videos of a woman having s*x with a dog, one of a man having s*x with a snake and one of a woman having s*x with a horse.

The Nigerian doctor is currently on trial at the Old Bailey court in South London, and was charged with five counts of possessing pornography of a ‘grossly offensive, disgusting or otherwise obscene character’. He is also accused of one charge of possessing indecent images of a child relating to a video of a two-year-old boy.

Prosecutor Nicola Devas who opened the trial, told jurors that they would be spared from watching the videos as the question of whether they were indecent or extreme was not at issue.

The footage came to light when, on August 28 2013, Okoro’s Samsung phone was seized by police and examined by specialist officers from Norfolk Constabulary before being returned.

The forensic examination found three of the videos, including the one of a toddler, had been stored on a password protected specialist App or ‘vault’, the court heard.

In February 2014, the defendant was arrested and his phone examined by police for a second time.

The indecent video and footage of a woman having sex with a dog were still in the vault while other images had been deleted, the court heard.

WHO Sets New Guidelines For Treatment Of STDs

New guidelines for the treatment of 3 common sexually transmitted infections (Chlamydia, gonorrhoea and syphilis) have been issued by WHO in response to the growing threat of antibiotic resistance.

The new guideline calls on health authorities to advise doctors to prescribe whichever antibiotic would be most effective, based on local resistance patterns. The new WHO guidelines do not recommend quinolones (a class of antibiotic) for the treatment of gonorrhoea due to widespread high levels of resistance.

To cure syphilis, the new WHO guidelines strongly recommend a single dose of intramuscular (IM) benzathine penicillin.

Because people with this infection are frequently co-infected with gonorrhoea and treatment failures have been reported for tetracyclines and macrolides, the new guidance provides updates for first- and second-line treatment of the disease:

• azithromycin 1 g orally as a single oral dose
• doxycycline 100 mg orally twice a day for 7 days

or one of these alternatives:

• tetracycline 500 mg orally four times a day for 7 days
• erythromycin 500 mg orally twice a day for 7 days
• o oxacin 200–400 mg orally twice a day for 7 days.

In neonates with chlamydial conjunctivitis, the WHO STI guideline recommends using oral azithromycin 20 mg/kg/day orally, one dose daily for 3 days, over erythromycin 50 mg/kg/day orally, in four divided doses daily for 14 days.

The WHO is also calling on countries to start using the updated guidelines immediately, as recommended in the "Global Health Sector Strategy for Sexually Transmitted Infections (2016-2021)" endorsed by governments at the World Health Assembly in May 2016.

Tuesday, 30 August 2016

LASU Dental Students Dancing In Protest

Lagos State University (LASU)  Dental students danced at the Governor's office Alausa, yesterday during the protest for the accreditation of dentistry.

The students have spent 9 years in LASU without any indication that the government will provide  what the school needs to be accredited and allow the students graduate.

They say when life gives you lemons, make lemonade. The video below:

LASUCOM Dental Students Protest The Non-Accreditation Of Dentistry

Lagos State University Dental students at the Governor's office, Alausa yesterday.

The students are protesting the non-accreditation of Dentistry in the state-owned university.

And I must say I feel their pain. Nothing could be more frustrating and I'm speaking from experience.

Monday, 29 August 2016

Facebook User Rants About Nigerian Labour Rooms

This Facebook user has a very low opinion of Nigerian labour rooms and how women are treated during delivery. Read what he posted below:

"If you see where a woman is giving birth abroad , even as a man you will feel like
getting pregnant. In abroad, for only one woman in labor, you will see an Obstetrician , a Gynaecologist, a General Surgeon , a Specialist Surgeon, an Anaesthetist , a Registered Nurse/Midwife, plus Social Welfare Officer and so on…And they pet women in labour “that’s why it is called Delivery Room over there.”

But in Nigerian my Country it is called “Labour Room” and if you see what women go through
here, you will agree with me that it should also be called “Confession and Trial Room” Nigerian nurses makes pregnancy look like a criminal offence , and the worse thing is that they are everywhere both in private and government hospital.

For instance, when a woman who is in labour is brought to the hospital , they will throw her into the
labour room and lock her up like a criminal awaiting trial and they will go to the reception and be gossiping like goat. And when they go to meet her, it is not to help her but to insult her: “You go dey hear things like:  Na me do you? The man wey do u dey here o! Madam push o! Abeg open your legs door! Abi you wan kill ur pekin?.. You better push now or I go leave you here o!


............I can't help but laugh at some bits of his post but is he right?

Two Sisters Arrested For Threatening Lagos Doctors With Kidnapping

Two sisters, Rita Ojobo (30) and Mrs. Emmanuella Ossai, have been apprehended by the Lagos State Rapid Response Squad (RRS) on charges of targeting medical doctors in Lagos for extortion through threats of elimination.

According to reports, both women, believed to be members of a syndicate usually contact doctors on the phone to ask them to remit certain amount of money into account numbers or risk being kidnapped or murdered. Ojobo was arrested at Diamond Bank in Onitsha after she went there to withdraw money paid in by one of their victims.

However, the suspects said they knew nothing about the crime. They claimed that their older brother, Kenechi Ojobo, who resides in Togo, sent their account number to the creditors to pay in money.

The sisters also claimed that Kenechi, a motorcycle parts merchant in Togo, told them that he usually gives relatives of the creditors the CFA (Francs) equivalent of the money paid in.

Ojobo said she was invited by her bank that there was an issue with her account and rushed to the bank only to be arrested. She said: “I do not know anything about threatening people.

My brother was the one who called and told me that someone will pay in money to my account that he has given the person’s relation in Togo the equivalent in CFA. He said that he would collect the money when he comes and add it to the money to buy his goods. “But I was just in my house last Thursday when I received a call from the bank that someone has tampered with my account.

I rushed to the bank but I was arrested and taken to Central Police Station in Onitsha. It was at the bank that they told me what happened. “After they arrested me, I told them that it was only once money was paid to my account and that my brother usually uses my sister’s account for the transactions and they now took me to my sister’s house and arrested her as well.

“If I knew anything about such thing would I not have escaped when the bank called me?” But Ossai, who has a one-month-old baby, said four people had paid N220,000 into her account at different intervals which her brother had come back home to collect.

The suspect she only knew Kenechi “does local money transfer”. According to her, each time he comes home, he would collect his money to buy goods. Ossai said that she went to the bank sometime last month after her brother told her that someone had paid N50,000 but she did not get alert.

..............I think if they are found guilty of the crime, they should do the time.

Sunday, 28 August 2016

Medical Joke: How To Pass An Exam

When the exam is so difficult and you don't want people to think you don't know what to write. And you start writing and shading nonsense to look seriousπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. Been there, done that πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Saturday, 27 August 2016

Video: Woman Gives Birth In A Car

I've always wondered πŸ€”πŸ€”what it looked like to give birth in a car, plane or just about anywhere outside the labour room. I've heard about it so many times but never seen it it happen. Glad I watched this video.

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Incredible Video of an Ectopic Pregnancy

Did you know that the majority of women who died from ruptured tubal pregnancy were "known to have sought medical help before death" and often presented with symptoms that suggested a urinary or gastrointestinal disease?

Any woman with one-sided pain and a positive pregnancy test should be treated as having an ectopic pregnancy until proven otherwise. An early scan to confirm that the baby is in the womb can have a dramatic effect.

Friday, 26 August 2016

New oral Insulin set to replace painful insulin injections

Prepare to say goodbye to injectable insulin. Why? Because US scientists have developed a less painful way of administering insulin-- yes orally.

The new drug will surprise many sceptics who did not believe insulin could be delivered orally because they doubted it could survive the onslaught of digestive juices so it could have the intended effect.

The US team successfully encapsulated insulin using Cholestosomes-- a neutral, lipid-based particle -- that can be administered orally with tiny vesicles that can deliver insulin where it needs to go without injecting

The lead researcher Mary McCourt, Professor at Niagara University in New York, said the new vesicles are made of naturally occurring lipid molecules which are normal building blocks of fats adding that they are unlike other lipid-based drug carriers, called liposomes.

Computer modelling showed that once the lipids are assembled into spheres, they form neutral particles resistant to attack from stomach acids.

Drugs can be loaded inside, and the tiny packages can pass through the stomach without degrading.

The results were presented at the 252nd National Meeting and Exposition of the American Chemical Society (ACS), in Philadelphia, recently

Medical Jokes!!!

πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ That man was multi tasking at Shoprite. This one we will call : Hormonal #back2sender

Thursday, 25 August 2016

Video: Bladder stone removal

This video shows the removal of bladder stones aka vesicle calculi.

Bladder stones are usually associated with urinary stasis but can form in healthy individuals without evidence of anatomic defects, strictures, infections, or foreign bodies.

In adults, the most common type of vesical stone (seen in more than 50% of cases) is composed of uric acid while in children, stones are composed mainly of ammonium acid urate, calcium oxalate, or an impure mixture of ammonium acid urate and calcium oxalate with calcium phosphate.

Vesical calculi may be single or multiple, especially in the presence of bladder diverticula, and can be small or large enough to occupy the entire bladder. They range from soft to extremely hard, with surfaces ranging from smooth and faceted to jagged and speculated.

The most important requirement to preventing bladder stones is that you increase your water intake - start drinking large quantities of water during the day. This will of course increase the frequency of urination, thus increasing the probability of flushing out the stones when you pass urine. 

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Medical Jokes

And they are like: "How do you know it's your own, did you write your name on it?".

Believe me your eyes will see red. LolπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Amazing video of a miscarried foetus

This is a 16 week fetus that was naturally miscarried. Squeezing of the foetal skull shows how the bones in the foetus are soft and unfused.

These bones remain soft and unfused forming "FONTANELLES" to allow the foetus pass through the birth canal.

When the head squeezes through the tight birth canal, the skull bones overlap at the fontanelles to allow the baby's head come out.

After delivery, the bones return to their normal position.

The posterior fontanelles close within 2 or 3 months of birth while the anterior fontanelle closes at approx. 18 months.

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Miracles do happen!!!

The Syrian mother in this video was 9 months pregnant when her water broke. On the way to the hospital, her car was hit by an airstrike. Rather than arriving to the hospital eager to meet her child, she was stretchered in unconscious. .

The surgeons began to fight to save two lives. When they undressed the mother, they found fragments lodged in her abdomen which raised suspicions of possible intrauterine death. The explosion from a barrel bomb that killed 45 people & injured dozens had broken the mother’s right arm & leg, but injuries to her child were the biggest concern. .

In this video we watch the physicians perform an emergency caesarian. When the baby was pulled out of the womb, it had no pulse. The doctors performed CPR & cleared the child's airways. Miraculously, the chest compressions allowed the baby’s heart to start back up again! The physicians are then seen flipping the child over in order to allow blood flow to it's brain & used the old school method of spanking the baby in hopes to stimulate it to take it’s first breath (bear in mind, newborns are designed to endure the stressful process of birth. .

Although it may seem like the doctors are being rough with the child, this maneuver will have little to no harm on the baby when compared to it’s inability to breath). What happens next is magical, the baby opens it’s eyes & takes it's first breath! .

The war almost ended this boys life before it began, but the resiliency of the human body proves time & time again that it can endure calamity of catastrophic proportions. Both the mother & child are now in stable condition. Our hearts go out to all of those innocent families who are in a constant state of emergency in Syria. Bless the brave medical staff for reminding us what medicine is all about.

Saturday, 20 August 2016

Two Women Stir Up Gender Debate At Rio 2016

Caster Semenya
These two female athletes: Caster Semenya from South Africa and Margaret Nyairera from Kenya have stirred a hot debate at the Rio 2016 Olympics.

Many people feel they are men and it is unfair to allow them run alongside women because it gives them an unfair advantage.

Although Caster Semanya has undergone genetic testing to prove she is a woman, many people still aren't satisfied.
Margaret Nyairera

The deal is: Semanya has a condition called hyperandrogenism (androgen excess), which naturally increases the level of testosterone in the body; a common feature of Polycystic Ovarian Disease (PCOS).

After her win in Berlin 2009, Semenya was considered ineligible to compete as a woman through the IAAF rules on testosterone levels created in 2011.

However, she appealed at the Court of Arbitration for Sports, who slapped a two-year ban on the IAAF rule restricting women with naturally high testosterone levels from competing in sanctioned competitions mid last year.

A fellow runner and competitor, Eunice Sum said: “It is unfair for us to compete against her and it is as well unfair for her to have all these questions since she never created herself like that.”

Friday, 19 August 2016


The video below shows an atrial flutter that occured due to valvular heart disease (the ventricular rate of this heart was controlled). Notice the rapid succession of identical, back-to-back atrial depolarizations.

On an ECG, an atrial flutter will have these identical 'irregularly regular' contractions with a characteristic SAWTOOTH appearance.

In contrast, atrial fibrillation gives an irregularly irregular heartbeat. There is no discrete/obvious P waves with irregularly spaced QRS complexes.

UNILAG Final Year Student Shot in Hostel

A final-year student of Economics in the Faculty of Education, University of Lagos (UNILAG), identified only as Bayo was shot by an unknown gunman around 8:46pm on Wednesday in front of Biobaku hostel.

According to eyewitnesses, the gunman who escaped in a tainted-glass car  had aimed at Bayo's head but missed and hit him in the neck.

Bayo has since been transferred to the Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH) from the school's medical centre.

UNILAG Vice-Chancellor Prof Rahamon Bello, said the university was investigating the incident.

“I heard about it and we suspect it was cultism-related. We are fighting it. The security unit and the police are investigating. The boy survived. He was rushed to LUTH (Lagos University Teaching Hospital). The cultists went for his head, luckily the bullet only scrapped his head,” he said.

Lassa fever kills a doctor and three others in Anambra

On Tuesday, a medical doctor died from Lassa fever in Nnamdi Azikiwe Teaching Hospital, Anambra.

The director of Public Health in the state, Dr Emmanuel Okafor added that three additional persons also lost their lives to lassa fever after the doctor's death.

This information was disclosed during a one-day Lassa fever training workshop organised by the state's  Ministry of Health.

Ezeonu said the late doctor was referred to NAUTH from Asaba, Delta state.

Thursday, 18 August 2016

Drug Shortage Hits Aso Rock Clinic Despite N3.87bn Allocation

According to Punch newspaper, Aso Rock's Medical Centre which provides medical services to the President, Vice-President and their families, aides, members of staff of the State House is in dire need of drugs and other essential medical items.

According to the report, patients are being asked to go and buy drugs from outside as they were no longer available in the centre.

This is very shocking because the Medical Centre got N3.87bn allocation in the 2016 Appropriation Act.

It was also reported that the clinic has resorted to texting patients to buy all the materials needed for their treatment before showing up for any appointment.

In one text the hospital wrote:  “Mr. XXX (names withheld), when you are coming for dialysis on Monday, buy IVF Normal Saline to be used for your dialysis. The office doesn’t  have it. Buy like four pieces.”

Worst hit in the shortage are the centre's dialysis patients who can no longer have their twice a week dialysis as the clinic has been cancelling their appointment.

The Minister of Health, Prof. Isaac Adewole is yet to respond to the report.

.......Meanwhile, I don't see anything wrong in the text message. It's a normal thing to buy your personal treatment supplies in most Nigerian hospitals.

Woman Breaks Guinness record with her pregnancy

A woman from China’s central Hunan province recently set a Guinness World Record with her 17-month-long–and counting–pregnancy, local media reported on Aug. 16.

The woman, named Wang Shi, became pregnant last February. Her due date was Nov. 15, but the date came and went with Wang’s baby showing no intention of entering the world.

Worried, Wang went to the hospital every seven to 10 days after her due date passed for check-ups.

"Experts say there are women who gave birth after 13 months of pregnancy, but never 17 months. They can’t explain the reason,” said Wang’s husband. Nevertheless, Wang is now in good physical condition. The baby weighs 3.8 kilograms. She says she will have the C-section by the 18th month.


Medical Joke!!!

In a mental hospital yesterday in Yobe state, an inmate with a knife in his hand was chasing after the senior doctor.

Eye witnesses confirmed that the doctor was running frantically for his dear life until he got to a dead end and the mad man handed over the knife to him saying "oga, oya na your turn to pursue me."


Ogogoro Kills Four In Ogun State

Four persons have reportedly died in Ibara Housing Estate, Abeokuta, Ogun State, after drinking the local liquor called ogogoro.

The deceased were identified only as Baba Imeko, Baba Onwenue and Easy, while the fourth victim’s name is yet to be confirmed.

Meanwhile, Salako Taloju -the seller of the liquor and a gateman was arrested on Tuesday  by policemen from Ibara Police Station.

It was gathered that Taloju who was drunk at the time of his arrest claimed he was innocent.

He said, “We were friends and we had been drinking together for a long time. I do not know why they have to accuse me now of killing them. I also took out of the liquor and nothing happened to me.”

One of the neighbours, Mrs. Kemi Adepitan, confirmed that the victims died after consuming the liquor.

She said, “It is true that they died. Some other sympathisers and I paid a condolence visit to the house of one of the victims this morning.”

The acting Police Public Relations Officer, Abimbola Oyeyemi, said the command did not receive any report of death.

He said “As far as we are concerned, it is a rumour. If any of their relatives comes and complains that their family members died, then, we can confirm it. We have not seen any corpse. Even though a suspect has been arrested, he is drunk and we cannot rely on his statement.”

Source- Punch Ng

Wednesday, 17 August 2016

White doctor Versus African Doctor

A video posted by Dr. HealthThenMore (@healththenmore) on

So which group do you fit into? πŸ˜œπŸ˜œπŸ˜‚.

Medical Joke!!!

An Arab was admitted in the hospital for a heart operation, but prior to the surgery the doctors needed to store his blood in case the need arises. As the gentleman had a rare type of blood, it couldn't be found locally. So the call went out to the neighbouring towns.

Finally, a Nigerian was located who had a similar type of blood. The Nigerian willingly donated his blood for the Arab. After the surgery, the Arab sent the Nigerian, as an appreciation, a new range rover sports car, diamonds, jewelries, and one million US dollars.

Once again, the Arab had to go through a corrective surgery. His doctor telephoned the Nigerian who was more than happy to donate his blood again. After a successful surgery, the Arab sent the Nigerian a thank you card and a box of cake and sweets.

The Nigerian was shocked to see that the Arab this time did not reciprocate his kind gesture as he had anticipated. He phoned the Arab and told him, "I thought this time you would give me a Hummer Jeep, Diamonds and Jewelries. But you gave me only a card and a box cake and sweets."

The Arab replied, "I can't help it, now I have Nigerian blood running in my veins."


Medical doctor arrested over missing kidneys

Yesterday, the Adamawa State Police Command arrested Dr Hassan Yakubu, for his alleged role in the removal of the kidney of Mallam Isa Hamma in his clinic on July 8, 2016.

A police spokesperson said the arrest of the medical doctor was to help with their investigations into the kidney theft accusation levelled by his 24 year old patient.

It was alleged that the doctor removed Isa's kidneys after some medical errors while treating Isa for abdominal pain.

Isa's uncle, Umaru said three days after the operation, Isa stopped passing urine. Later, his face and legs became swollen which prompted the family to return to the accused doctor who later referred them to the Federal Medical Centre in Gombe.

It was at Gombe hospital that medical officials working with the Federal Medical Centre told them that Isa’s kidney had been “removed.”


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How to preserve an amputated limb

Losing a limb is a frightening experience for both victims and observers of an amputation and more often than not, it is a result of major trauma to the body.

On the brighter side, modern medicine has made it possible for severed limbs and digits to be reattached successfully; depending on how well it was preserved post-amputation.

So how do you preserve an amputated limb/finger properly:
  1. Moisten a sterile gauze with sterile saline.
  2. Wrap the limb in the gauze and place in a plastic bag.
  3. Place the bag on ice.
  4. Transport the patient to the nearest emergency department.

If you follow all these steps, the amputated part can remain viable for up to 24 hours.

Now what should you avoid doing?


  1. Allow the limb to freeze.
  2. Immerse the limb in water as this may make digital vessel repair more difficult.
  3. Place the limb in antiseptic solution or alcohol as chemical injury may occur. The patient will be appropriately treated with antibiotics and the amputated part irrigated before reimplantation is attempted.
  4. Do not place the amputated part directly on ice as frost-bite injury may occur with loss of viability.

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Tuesday, 16 August 2016

ABUTH Doctors Protest Over Snake Bites

The National Association of Resident Doctors (NARD), Ahmadu Bello University Teaching Hospital (ABUTH) chapter, yesterday staged a peaceful demonstration over the incursion of snakes and other reptiles in the hospital.

Leading the protest, the President of the union, Dr. Waziri Aliyu said: “The poor environmental sanitation within the hospital and its environs has led to one of our member being bitten by a poisonous snake at the staircase of the surgical ward. Sadly enough, he almost lost his life as he suffered from envenomination because the hospital could not provide anti-snake venom for its doctor on duty for over 36 hours after the snake bite.”

He also added that facilities at ABUTH were in a deplorable condition and the hospital staff cannot conduct simple investigations like X-ray, ultrasound or MRI,  due to faulty machines.

“We also have the problem of low residency training, refusal to reinstate the sacked resident doctors, skipped levels, victimisation of NARD members following involvement in the directed strike of June 2016, among others. If the management fails to meet our demands, our members would proceed on three-day warning strike from today (yesterday),” Aliyu said.

When contacted, the Chief Medical Director of the hospital, Professor Lawal Khalid, confirmed that there were snakes in the hospitals. He however denied that the hospital’s environment is in a deplorable condition.


Pic of the day!!

Lol.... so true.

But then the working conditions in both are different and affects the mood.

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Picture: Stomach content of a drug dealer

Ruptured stomach of someone that died after swallowing too many pills - a possible drug dealer.


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The fate of Bauchi medical students on scholarship in Igbinedion university hangs in the balance

Eighty-six Bauchi state scholarship students in Igbinedion University (IUO), Edo State, are in danger of being forced out of school for failure to pay their tuition.

Out of the 86 students, 64 are studying medicine and medicine-related courses such as pharmacy, nursing, medical laboratory sciences, and microbiology.

The affected students, in an email sent to PREMIUM TIMES, said the university management informed them that the school was tired of their indebtedness, and might no longer allow them to continue attending lectures.

They wrote: “Please we need help. We want Nigerians to help us beg Bauchi state government to pity our conditions and save us from being pushed out of the campus, and also save our future.”

The Registrar, Igbinedion University, Eddy Okoro, confirmed to PREMIUM TIMES that the affected students had not paid their tuition fees for three years now. He said: “For God's sake, this is a private university and not a charity organization.”

He said the school had approached the Bauchi government several times on the issue, without getting any positive response.

When PREMIUM TIMES contacted the Permanent Secretary, Bauchi State Ministry of Education, Nasiru Yalwa, he said the problem was inherited from the former administration of Mr. Yuguda.
and the state is working on resolving the problem.

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Monday, 15 August 2016

Woman secretly records her surgery and hears doctors mocking her

Ethel Easter from Texas, USA decided to secretly record her surgery after a small run-in with her doctors.

Ethel was made to wait 2 months for her hernia operation, and had threatened her surgeons for making her wait that long.

Prior to the surgery, she hid a recorder in her hair and while under anaesthesia, the surgeon can be heard saying: "She's a handful. She had some choice words for us in the clinic when we didn't book her case in two weeks. I'm going to call a lawyer and file a complaint *laughs*."

The doctors also said they feel sorry for her husband and went on to make a vile comment about inappropriately touching her while she's unconscious.

Although Ethel went public with her story since April this year, she never took legal action and the OR staff never faced disciplinary action.

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Organ Trafficking ALERT!!!

This is what I found on Facebook:

"Do you want to sell your kidney? Are you seeking for an opportunity to sell your kidney for money due to financial break down and you don’t know what to do, then contact us today and we shall offer you good amount for your Kidney.

"My name is (Dr.Alex) am a Nephrologist in (Enugu Hospital International). Our hospital is specialized in Kidney Surgery and we also deal on buying and transplantation of kidneys
with a living an corresponding donor. We are located in Indian, Turkey, Nigeria, USA,Kuwait,Dubai,Saudi Arabia,London, Malaysia.

If you are interested in selling or buying kidneys please don’t hesitate to contact us via email:"

Government or MDCN really need to do something about these sort of posts and persons before people start being kidnapped for their organs. Imagine, he deals in buying kidneys 😳

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Want Some Cake?


Remembering Nurse Justina Ejelonu

Yesterday, August 14 made it two years since Nurse Justina Ejelonu lost her life to the Ebola outbreak after Patrick Sawyer presented at First Consultant Hospital in lagos.

She was equally BRAVE like Dr. Adadevoh and paid the ultimate price in service to humanity and our country.

May her gentle soul rest in peace!

Adamawa Government Probes Alleged Missing Kidneys

Adamawa state government has constituted a six-man investigative panel to probe the alleged illegal removal of a patient’s kidney by Dr Hassan Yakubu of Jimeta Clinic in Yola.

Mallam Abubakar Muhammad, the Information Officer of the state's Ministry of Health, said the ministry acted promptly on receipt of the complaint from the Federal Medical Centre, Gombe, where the patient was referred to.

The patient- Mallam Isah Hamma, is currently in critical condition at the Federal Medical Centre, Yola after his only kidney was allegedly removed by Dr. Yakubu  on July 8, at Jimeta clinic during a surgery for abdominal pain.

He said he was charged N50,000 for the surgery but after the operation his condition continued to worsen leading to his referral to the Federal Medical Centre in Gombe where it was discovered that his kidney had been removed.

Since then, Hamma has been calling for justice and support from relevant authorities and the public to save him as he now requires N48,000 weekly for dialysis.


Missing Doctor in Kwara Allegedly Murdered

Dr Abdulkareem Tunde Abdulrahman, 34, who was reported missing in Kwara last week, has now been confirmed dead.

It was reported that the medical officer was hacked to death in his father’s residence in Ilorin around 1am on July 24, the exact day he was declared missing by Jamiu Mohammed, the son of the security guard at his father's residence, in connivance with two other men.

According to The Herald, the suspect, an ex-convict alongside two other accomplices stormed the room of the deceased in the dead of the night and used harmful objects to hack him to death in his father’s residence.

The lifeless body of the medical doctor was said to have been smuggled in his Toyota Corolla car and driven out that night to an unknown destination.

The prime suspect allegedly terminated the life of the medical doctor to avenge the death of his mother who died of cholera two years ago, even though the parent of the late doctor shouldered the expenses for the burial of the suspect’s late mother.

The deceased’s two mobile phones were allegedly tracked and later found in the possession of two other suspects, who are currently helping security personnel to unravel how and why the life of Tunde Abdulrahman was terminated.

Abdulrahman was until his gruesome murder, a medical officer with Hospital Management Bureau, deployed to General Hospital in Omu- Aran, Irepodun Local Government Area of the state and had his wedding slated for August 13.

May his soul rest in perfect peace!!

Sunday, 14 August 2016

Video: Ectopic Pregnancy

Ectopic pregnancy: A flaw in human reproductive physiology that allows the conceptus to implant and mature outside the uterus.

Without timely diagnosis and treatment, ectopic pregnancy can become a life-threatening situation.

Suspect an ectopic pregnancy in a young woman with:
1) Abdominal pain 2) Amenorrhoea 3)Vaginal bleeding.


Saturday, 13 August 2016

Update on Armenian Weightlifter Who Fractured His Elbow At Rio 2016

On Wednesday, Armenian weightlifter Andranik Karapetyan, 20, broke his arm during his second attempt to lift 429 pounds (195kg) at the #RioOlympics2016.

Karapetyan screamed in pain as his left arm hyperextended during the clean and jerk of his lift. Medical teams quickly rushed to his aid on stage and he was transported to a hospital.

Obviously the injury was painful, and Karapetyan has a long road of rehabilitation ahead.

Severe elbow hyperextension injuries often require surgery to repair damaged structures in the arm — including ligaments and/or tendons, according to the Hand and Wrist Institute.

After surgery, the arm is immobilized for a period of time and then, finally, rehabilitation therapy is used to restore function to the elbow.

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Woman Allegedly Dies After Delivering Twins Because She Could Not Afford Hospital Bills

According to a Facebook user McJohnson Ogunseitan, this woman died because she could not afford a hospital delivery.

Read what he wrote below:






OUT of poverty

she delivered her twins alive with no body's assistant but she died and her twins were saved.

She couldn't afford hospital bill.
Nigeria why are we wasting precious souls?
All the blood of the saints and the innocent will be required from us all."

This is really sad if it is true! 

Friday, 12 August 2016

Queried Case of Burkitt's Lymphoma Blamed On a Dentist

A queried case of Burkitt's lymphoma has been blamed on a Nigerian dentist.

This is what @toxsylelise wrote on Instagram:

"She went to a dentist to remove her tooth but unfortunately it now cause turmoil in her upper gum after series of test. Please we beg Nigerians to assist us financially to enable her undergo operation to remove the turmoil.

The doctors requested the sum of N5m to carry out the operation. The Bank details are: TOKIN DOUGLAS, ACCOUNT NUMBER: 0072688095(DIAMOND BANK) and IYATE DAVIDS,: 2038899953(UNITED BANK OF AFRICA) Thanks and God Bless."

From the picture, this young girl looks like she has Burkitt lymphoma - one of the highly aggressive B-cell non-Hodgkin lymphomas (NHL) originally described in children, but also observed in adult patients.

The tumour has been linked to an infection with Ebstein-Barr Virus and malaria.

The endemic form of Burkitt lymphoma (eBL) is most commonly seen in patients in equatorial Africa, with jaw and facial bone (orbit) involvement occurring in more than 50% of cases. Patients most often present with swelling of the affected jaw or other facial bones, loosening of the teeth, and swelling of the lymph nodes, which are nontender and rapidly growing, in the neck or below the jaw.

Burkitt's is one of the fastest growing malignancies in humans, with a growth fraction close to 100% and a doubling time of around 25 hours.

So if you want to save this girl's life, please donate as soon as possible because if this is Burkitt's lymphoma, the tumour doubles rapidly but is very treatable.

What do you think: Dentist's fault or a malignancy?

Nigeria to begin emergency polio campaign after two new cases emerge

On Thursday, the World Health Organization announced that two cases of paralysis caused by the polio virus had been detected in Borno state.

Nigeria’s last case of wild polio virus was reported in July 2014 and any hope of Nigeria being declared polio-free on July 24, 2017 have been dashed with the appearance of these two new cases.
The W.H.O. requires three years with no confirmed cases before declaring a region polio-free.

“We are deeply saddened by the news,” said Dr. Matshidiso Moeti, the W.H.O. regional director for Africa. “The overriding priority now is to immunize all children around the affected area.”

On Thursday morning, President Muhammadu Buhari and Minister of Health, Prof. Adewole met with the Executive Secretary, the United Nations Populations Fund, Prof. Babatunde Osotimehin,  to devise a 48 hours strategy to quickly address the spread of the virus.

Little Boy With STRANGE Eye Disorder

A four-year-old boy, Sagar Dorji, from Lakhimpur in India has lost his sight due to a bizarre condition that causes his eyes to bleed and pop out.

Sagar's mother, Kusum, said the problem began around three months ago.

'First, his eyes got swollen and looked bloodshot - then they started to come out of the socket and bleed.'

Unlike other cases of bleeding from eyes and ears, the blood forms a clot in Sagar's eyes and eventually dries up there.

Sagar's condition has sparked intense interest in the medical community in Guwahati, Assam's largest city.

Doctors, who are reportedly treating him for cancer, have reportedly refused to comment on the why this is the course of action they have taken.

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UCH Ibadan Launches Digital Classrooms

The University College Hospital (UCH), Ibadan, last Friday launched its state-of-the-art digital and smart classrooms worth about N250 million.

The  classrooms containing about 50 computers also have one operating theatre attached to enable students watch surgeries in real-time.

Speaking at the inauguration, the Chief Medical Director of UCH, Prof. Temitope Alonge, said the project was sponsored by the Nigerian Communication Commission (NCC) and facilitated by Hon. Saheed Fijabi, the Chairman of the Committee on Communication in the House of Representatives.

He explained that the facilities would enhance tele-conferencing between the institution and seven other teaching hospitals, which had earlier benefited from the project.

The 50 computers will be shared by 200 students during each learning session.

Thursday, 11 August 2016

Gov. Ambode Commissions the First Medical Helipad in Lagos

Lagos State Governor, Mr. Akinwunmi Ambode on Thursday commissioned the first state-owned Helipad for medical emergencies in Nigeria at the Lagos State University Teaching Hospital (LASUTH), Ikeja.

“Given the status of LASUTH, as the State flagship tertiary health institution, offering referral services for other public and private medical institutions, it was obvious the helipad had to be located here,” the Governor said.

He promised that the government will intensify efforts to acquire an Air Ambulance to complete the cycle and the Helipad would be operated by specially trained personnel who will give 24-hour service, guarantee expert medical care during emergency transfer and safe landing at all times.

Governor Ambode also said the Bola Tinubu Health and Diagnostic Centre will soon become operational, while approval had been granted for the rehabilitation, upgrade and bulk purchase of medical equipment required in 20 Secondary and 21 Primary health facilities across the State.

He added that after a Memorandum of Understanding with selected investors, the State is on the verge of becoming a hub for medical tourism once the Medical Park at the old School of Nursing, Ikoyi comes on stream.

LASUTH CMD, Prof. Adewale Oke said Gov. Ambode has directed that motorists should no longer be charged for parking in LASUTH.

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