Friday, 29 July 2016

UAC Stocked Expired Ice Cream in Port-Harcourt, Allegedly Sold Them

Two weeks ago, health officials acting on a tip stormed a UAC branch in Port-Harcourt and found large quantities of ice-cream which had expired since 2014  stored in their cold room.

The State President of the Environmental Health Officers, Reuben Nwechenu, who led the team of Environmental health officers and personally supervised the evacuation said the ice cream which expired in 2014 was evacuated and destroyed to prevent unsuspecting people from purchasing the expired ice cream for consumption.

He also said the management of the food company located on Azikiwe Road will be sanctioned for allegedly selling expired food items to the public.

According to reports, the management of U.A.C.N haven't commented on circumstances surrounding the storage of the expired ice cream.

.........Imagine a company storing ice-cream that expired since 2014; meaning those changed dates on foodstuff are not always from vendors.

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