Friday, 29 July 2016

Nigerian Doctor Faces Inquiry In Ireland For Abandoning Her Duties

Dr. Ogechi Chukwu, a Nigerian doctor practising in Ireland is currently facing an inquiry for abandoning her post at St James’s Hospital in Dublin in 2014 without telling anyone.

She now faces three allegations of professional misconduct after giving evidence that she could not find a doctor or nurse during a 15-minute search of a Dublin hospital’s emergency department, to tell them she was too ill to keep working.

She said she wrote “doctor unwell” on her patient’s notes and made it back to her apartment. But her notes were subsequently found on a security man’s chair instead of the nurses' station where she said she left it.

Dr Una Kennedy, emergency medicine consulate at the hospital also said she did not call him until nine days later, after he had tried calling her twice.

Giving evidence via Skype from the US on the last occasion, Dr Chuku, said she had lain in her bed for two days, her phone had been on silent on and she did not use voice mail. She did email Dr Kennedy on 25th November, telling her she could not be reached by phone and asking her to sign her time-sheet so she could be paid.

She said she had not been able to buy phone credit until December 2nd as she had difficulty with her ATM card and did not have any money. She also said she did not think her health problems would be of interest to anyone in the hospital.

Hmmm.... Do you think her excuse is believable?

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