Friday, 29 July 2016

MDCN Creates Database For Nigerian Doctors

The Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria and the Federal Government of Nigeria have created a database for all doctors to check quackery and improve service delivery in the health sector.

MDCN in partnership with the Centre for Integrated Health Programme, hosted the project, which will ensure the automation of registration processes for the Medical, Dental and Alternative Medicine Practice in Nigeria.

On Wednesday, Prof. Isaac Adewole, stated the initiative will eliminate the menace of quack doctors, even as it will enable Nigerians to determine who renders health services to them.

The health minister added that the system would also enhance transparency and accountability in service delivery.

MDCN Registrar, Dr. Abdulmumini Ibrahim, said the council had “digitalised about 30 per cent of the doctors’ files as of the time of implementation, upgraded the LAN/WAN infrastructure and provided Voice Over Internet Protocol and Fire Alarm system.”

According to him, the system will be user-friendly, even as it will give members of the public the opportunity to complain against doctors, who acted contrary to the ethics of their profession.


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