Friday, 22 July 2016

Fake Abuja Doctor Regains Freedom

Victor Akpan, the man who ran a hospital in Gwarinpa using a forged practice licence, has been released by the police.

Akpan was arrested June 10 after an MDCN-led investigation and his admittal to the police that he paid N15,000 to get a forged licence to practice as a surgeon in Luna Hospital, Abuja.

Also, photos of him performing surgeries were pasted on the wall of his consultation room at the Luna Hospital in Gwarinpa.

It was gathered that investigation into Akpan’s case was stalled after the police demanded that MDCN officials pay the cost of transportation and investigation after he was transferred from Gwarinpa police station to the FCT command headquarters.

Now more than a month after Akpan was arrested, sources say that the MDCN officials have not been informed of any moves to prosecute him.

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