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Medical doctor missing in Kwara

The Chairman, Nigeria Medical Association, Kwara State branch, Dr. Kunle Olawepo, has raised the alarm that a doctor in the state, Dr AbdulKareem Tunde-AbdulRahman, is missing.

He said Tunde-AbdulRahman, who is a member of NMA, Kwara State branch, drove out  in his navy blue Toyota Corolla car, from his residence in Ilorin, the Kwara State capital, at 6am last Sunday and had since not been seen.

Olawepo, who spoke with journalists in Ilorin, on Saturday, said the missing doctor was working with the Kwara State Government and was posted to the General Hospital, Omu-Aran, lrepodun Local Government Area of the state.

He added that Tunde-AbdulRahman was living in Omu-Aran, where he worked, but at weekends, stayed in his father’s residence in Ilorin.

Olawepo said, “The missing doctor was seen last Sunday morning before he drove out of the house. Since then, we have not seen him. There is no lead to his whereabouts.”

He stated that members of the association had made efforts to find him.

The Kwara State Police Public Relations Officer, Mr. Ajayi Okasanmi, said he was yet to be informed of the incident.

The NMA appealed to people with useful information contact the nearest Police station or his brother Ridwan on 08110709470 or NMA Kwara PRO 08034086152.


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Saturday, 30 July 2016

Video of a Caesarean Section

A caesarean section (also known as C-section or C/S) is a surgical procedure where one or more incisions are made through a mother's abdomen and uterus to deliver one or more babies.

It is is often performed when a vaginal delivery would put the baby's or mother's life or health at risk.

The video below shows just how it is done in an operating room.

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UBTH Nurses Shut Down Benin-Lagos Expressway

Vehicular and human traffic on the busy Benin-Lagos Highway was on standstill for several hours yesterday as nurses from the University of Benin Teaching Hospital (UBTH) protested the abduction of two of their colleagues by unknown gunmen.

This is coming few weeks after another colleague was kidnapped and later released after an undisclosed ransom was paid. The abducted nurses were identified as Osemielu Lydia and Oviosu Bose, both Nursing officers grade II and were kidnapped yesterday in a private car along the Isihor axis of the Benin Lagos road, Egor Local government council, shortly after closing from work.

The protesting nurses who abandoned their duty posts also stopped over at the palace of His Royal Highness, Crown Prince (Amb) Eheneden Erediauwa, Edaiken N’ Uselu, and the Edo state House of Assembly Premises (EDHA) to register their displeasure over the incessant kidnap of nurses in the state.

It would be recalled that no fewer than four nurses of the University of Benin Teaching Hospital (UBTH) have been abducted in the last one month. 

President of National Association of Nurses and Midwives (NANM) UBTH Branch, Austin Osigbemhe who condemned the act of kidnapping nurses, appealed for their release unhurt.” We frown at the evil act. Nurses are civil servants and should be protected and not targets of kidnappers. We need these nurses released unconditionally and unhurt.

Source- The Guardian

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Lagos State Government Denies Ten Teachers Die Monthly

The Lagos State Government has refuted the claim being circulated in some print and online media that 10 teachers in the Post Primary Teaching Service Commission die monthly.

A statement issued on Wednesday by the Commissioner for Information and Strategy, Mr. Steve Ayorinde, stated that that trend of death was noticed in the records of past administration which compelled the current administration in the State to introduce a quarterly sensitization seminar for teachers in the State employ.

The Commissioner further clarified that the Akinwunmi Ambode’s administration has not, and did not record deaths of teachers as being reported in some newspapers and online platform.

“As part of the State Government general wellness programme, Public Servants also enjoy comprehensive free health programme and also four of their dependants under 18 years,’’ he further said, adding that government also operates a well-equipped staff clinic, with modern facility and well-stuffed pharmacy.

Similarly, Ayorinde said the government organizes regular wellness and screening programmes quarterly as part of efforts to ensure good health of its workforce.

.......Hopefully, the rumour is all smoke and no fire as we've been assured.


Pic of the Day!

A baby being weighed at the hospital in Amachara, Northern Umuahia, Abia state, Eastern Nigeria in 1938.

Photo Credit - NNwigene 

Video: Extreme Hernia (Plus More)

The different hernia sites in the body
A hernia is the exit of an organ (such as the bowel) through the wall of the cavity in which it normally resides.

Hernias have several causes/predisposing factors including:
  • Aging
  • Injury
  • Surgery in the area that creates a weakness in the muscles because of incomplete healing
  • Pregnancy
  • Lifting heavy objects (Some strenuous jobs can cause hernias over time.)
  • Strenuous physical activity
  • Conditions that cause chronic cough
  • Obesity
  • Straining during a bowel movement (with constipation) or urination etc.
There are two types of surgery to repair hernias:
  • Traditional: During traditional hernia repair, the abdominal wall is opened during the operation, the protruding tissue is moved back into the abdomen, and the abdominal wall is closed and the weak area reinforced with synthetic mesh. The person may be given general anesthesia and stay overnight in the hospital. The person will have an incision and several stitches.
  • Laparoscopy: Many times the surgery can be done through laparoscopy. This type of surgery is less invasive than traditional hernia repair. With laparoscopy, tiny fiberoptic instruments are inserted into the abdomen through small surgical openings. The person may have three small incisions. A video camera is inserted into one opening, which guides the surgeon who is manipulating the instruments in the other two openings. The person is given general anesthesia, so he or she is asleep during the procedure. However, recovery is much shorter with this less invasive surgery. The person may even go home the same day.
Overall, the prognosis for hernia repair (herniorraphy) is very good as long as complications don't set in before the patient presents for treatment.

So if you notice any abnormal protusion/swelling on you body, have a doctor check it out as soon as possible.

In the Spirit of Flash Back Friday!

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Friday, 29 July 2016

Video: Singer Waje calls for a medical revolution as she interviews man who lost his wife in LUTH

Watch Songstress, Waje Iruobe and Mr. Udebu  in this touching video discuss his wife's death in Lagos State University Teaching Hospital (LUTH).

I actually felt a chill  run through my spine when Mr. Udebu called for a medical revolution.

The New Milk is Protein-Rich Cockroach Milk

A little cockroach milk with those cookies? Chock full of protein, the insect milk may someday be transformed into a food supplement worthy of human consumption, new research indicates.

Scientists have found that the Pacific Beetle Cockroach feeds its bug babies a formula which is remarkably rich in protein, fat and sugar.

"The protein crystals are milk for the cockroach infant. It is important for its growth and development," said Leonard Chavas, one of the scientists behind the research. He explained the crystals have a whopping three times the energy of an equivalent mass of buffalo milk, about four times the equivalent of cow's milk.

"It is what one would need: protein, essential amino acids, lipids and sugars," Chavas said, explaining that the energy content is so high that it helps infants within this unique species grow much bigger than cockroach babies of other species.

Ultimately, however, Chavas and his team are hoping to reverse bioengineer cockroach milk, but first they need to understand the exact biological and chemical mechanisms underlying the process.

Laugh as you may, there is no irony lost on the fact that that this insect that can survive a nuclear disaster may someday provide the ultimate liquid superfood.

Click to watch video.

Source- CNN

MDCN Creates Database For Nigerian Doctors

The Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria and the Federal Government of Nigeria have created a database for all doctors to check quackery and improve service delivery in the health sector.

MDCN in partnership with the Centre for Integrated Health Programme, hosted the project, which will ensure the automation of registration processes for the Medical, Dental and Alternative Medicine Practice in Nigeria.

On Wednesday, Prof. Isaac Adewole, stated the initiative will eliminate the menace of quack doctors, even as it will enable Nigerians to determine who renders health services to them.

The health minister added that the system would also enhance transparency and accountability in service delivery.

MDCN Registrar, Dr. Abdulmumini Ibrahim, said the council had “digitalised about 30 per cent of the doctors’ files as of the time of implementation, upgraded the LAN/WAN infrastructure and provided Voice Over Internet Protocol and Fire Alarm system.”

According to him, the system will be user-friendly, even as it will give members of the public the opportunity to complain against doctors, who acted contrary to the ethics of their profession.


Nigerian Doctor Faces Inquiry In Ireland For Abandoning Her Duties

Dr. Ogechi Chukwu, a Nigerian doctor practising in Ireland is currently facing an inquiry for abandoning her post at St James’s Hospital in Dublin in 2014 without telling anyone.

She now faces three allegations of professional misconduct after giving evidence that she could not find a doctor or nurse during a 15-minute search of a Dublin hospital’s emergency department, to tell them she was too ill to keep working.

She said she wrote “doctor unwell” on her patient’s notes and made it back to her apartment. But her notes were subsequently found on a security man’s chair instead of the nurses' station where she said she left it.

Dr Una Kennedy, emergency medicine consulate at the hospital also said she did not call him until nine days later, after he had tried calling her twice.

Giving evidence via Skype from the US on the last occasion, Dr Chuku, said she had lain in her bed for two days, her phone had been on silent on and she did not use voice mail. She did email Dr Kennedy on 25th November, telling her she could not be reached by phone and asking her to sign her time-sheet so she could be paid.

She said she had not been able to buy phone credit until December 2nd as she had difficulty with her ATM card and did not have any money. She also said she did not think her health problems would be of interest to anyone in the hospital.

Hmmm.... Do you think her excuse is believable?

Video: Edible Pimple Cupcakes

Edible pimple cupcakes from Dr. Pimplepopper. And yes, you really can eat them.

Cakes made blessedbybaking on Instagram.

You want some? Lol

UAC Stocked Expired Ice Cream in Port-Harcourt, Allegedly Sold Them

Two weeks ago, health officials acting on a tip stormed a UAC branch in Port-Harcourt and found large quantities of ice-cream which had expired since 2014  stored in their cold room.

The State President of the Environmental Health Officers, Reuben Nwechenu, who led the team of Environmental health officers and personally supervised the evacuation said the ice cream which expired in 2014 was evacuated and destroyed to prevent unsuspecting people from purchasing the expired ice cream for consumption.

He also said the management of the food company located on Azikiwe Road will be sanctioned for allegedly selling expired food items to the public.

According to reports, the management of U.A.C.N haven't commented on circumstances surrounding the storage of the expired ice cream.

.........Imagine a company storing ice-cream that expired since 2014; meaning those changed dates on foodstuff are not always from vendors.

Thursday, 28 July 2016

#SaveMayowa - Truth or Scam?

On Thursday, a lot of confusion and controversies surrounded Mayowa Ahmed, the sickle cell patient with ovarian cancer who recently raised funds on social media.

When I read her story some days back, I was touched like many Nigerians to donate a small token towards her treatment. So when I read it was a scam, I felt bad.

However, in this unfolding saga,  I don't know which party to believe- Mayowa's family or her accusers.

But as a medical doctor, here are the facts I know are true:

1. Ovarian cancer is a common cause of cancer death in women.
    Maryam Babangida also died from ovarian cancer and I'm pretty sure money was no object in her    care.

2. Mayowa really has stage IV cancer - her abdominopelvic CT scan which showed the distal part of her chest results stated there was pleural effusion in the right lung with consolidation and evidence of spread to the liver.

3. It's not Mayowa's fault if the disease was detected late because ovarian cancer has no recognized screening test. Most of the time the disease is detected at an advanced stage.

4. The prognosis for ovarian cancer remains poor overall. Patients with stage IV cancer have a chance of 11%. If the tumour has a low malignant potential, Mayowa has a 30% chance of survival.

5. Currently, the standard treatment for Stage IV ovarian cancer consists of both surgery and chemotherapy. Unfortunately, less than 10% of patients experience long-term survival following standard treatment. This is because Stage IV ovarian cancer is difficult to completely remove with surgery and the currently available chemotherapy is unable to eradicate all of the remaining cancer.

6. Over 50% of patients with Stage IV disease may experience cancer recurrence.

So maybe the family wanted to make some money but from my experience as a medical doctor, we are trained not to tell patients that they are beyond treatment. We only state your chances of survival (prognosis) from statistics.

Also, every patient has the right to seek a second opinion and  treatment from wherever and whomever they feel can treat them.

In conclusion, I hope Mayowa recovers fully and there was no scam.

July 28: World Hepatitis Day

World Hepatitis Day is an international event focused on raising awareness about viral hepatitis and influencing real change in disease prevention and access to testing and treatment.

Sadly, I once lost a 62 year old male patient with liver cirrhosis due to chronic hepatitis B infection. I felt really sad because he was such a kind and gentle man and wished he had survived. This sort of scenario is common in many Nigerian hospitals, but it can be prevented.

Although there are several hepatitis viruses, Hepatitis B and C are commonly responsible for liver cancer. They are acquired through contact with the blood, saliva, menstrual, vaginal, and seminal fluids of an infected person.

Transmission of the virus may also occur through the reuse of needles and syringes either in health-care settings or among persons who inject drugs. In addition, infection can occur during medical, surgical and dental procedures, through tattooing, or through the use of razors and similar objects that are contaminated with infected blood.
Most people do not experience any symptoms during the acute infection phase. However, some people have acute illness with symptoms that last several weeks, including yellowing of the skin and eyes (jaundice), dark urine, extreme fatigue, nausea, vomiting and abdominal pain. A small subset of persons with acute hepatitis can develop acute liver failure which can lead to death.

In some people, the hepatitis B virus can also cause a chronic liver infection that can later develop into cirrhosis of the liver or liver cancer.

Chronic hepatitis B infection can be treated with drugs, including oral antiviral agents. Treatment can slow the progression of cirrhosis,.

So get tested today as early detection can significantly increase your chances of survival!

Nigerian Nurses Finally Get Approved For Internship

For the first time ever in Nigeria, graduate nurses have been granted approval to work and be placed as interns in hospitals.

Prior to this, nurses were the only medical professionals in Nigeria that did not undergo internship training and have been fighting for this right for years before its approval in July.

With this nurses will join doctors, dentists, physiotherapists, optometrists, microbiologists, pharmacists etc to get the much needed post-graduation training in hospitals.

.......So congratulations to the prospective interns and welcome to the nightmare of getting internship placements.

"Marry a woman who had VVF and we'll pay the dowry" - Sokoto state Government

Sokoto State Government has promised to pay the dowry to any man ready to marry any woman resident in the state who has been successfully treated of Vesicovaginal Fistula (VVF).

The Commissioner for Health, Dr Balarabe Kakale, disclosed this at the Ministerial Press Briefing organised by the state ministry of information in Sokoto on Sunday.

VVF is an abnormal fistulous tract/connection between the bladder and the vagina that allows the continuous involuntary discharge of urine into the vagina. It often occurs in women who undergo prolonged labour.

Kakale said that the state government’s gesture was aimed at dispelling insinuations that women affected by VVF and successfully treated were not marriageable.

He said: "The state government is in collaboration with the UNFPA and the Acquire Fistula Care Project, to reduce VVF cases in the state."

The commissioner also disclosed that the government had instituted a N25,000 prize for any person who reported any case of guinea worm in the state.

Kakale said: "Anybody who reports any case of the disease will instantly get the money in reward. This gesture by the state government is part of efforts to reduce the prevalence of the waterborne disease."


Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Meet Dr. William Audu: The Only Doctor Serving Over 88000 patients

Dr. William Audu is the Medical Superintendent at Bongo District Hospital in Ghana.

He is the only doctor serving 88,677 people and an undisclosed number from neighbouring Burkina Faso.

Everyday, Dr. William Gudu has to deal with poor facilities and inadequate equipment while carrying out his duties.

He performs operations in a small dental ward and devises unorthodox applications for existing supplies. When performing a pleural tap—an invasive procedure that removes fluid or air from between the lungs—he pieces together a urine bag, IV line, and hollow needle.

Inspite of the odds, Bongo Hospital did not record any maternal death in 2015 and only two maternal deaths in 2014.


Video: Knife Pulled from Man's Chest

Miracles do happen, after you get too close to death! This video shows the moment a surgeon removes a medieval sword from a man’s chest as his heart beats beside it.

The sword ended up lying between the heart’s pericardium and right phrenic nerve, with the biggest fear of causing cardiac tamponade as blood accumulates in the pericardial cavity, and cessation of breathing as a result of damaged phrenic nerve which supply motor fibers to the diaphragm (important function for respiration). The man’s chest is seen clamped open as the surgeon slowly and delicately removes the sword.

Source- Medical Talks

Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Trending on Twitter #RegulateMedicalInternship

Medical interns in Nigeria have started a hashtag on Twitter to express their frustration and displeasure with how the country's internship program runs.

And I must say I feel their pain, as I once suffered the same. From 2 interviews at LASUTH to finally taking up a no-pay internship in a Military hospital' We did go on strike but got fired for pulling that move. After that was a series of pleas to get re-instated.

Anyway, let's hope this new social media outcry will get to the President's good ear and something will be done.

Don't forget this same hashtag #RegulateMedicalInternship trended in 2015 and nothing was corrected (but let's see how it goes this time).

Read the complaints listed by the Nigerian Prospective Medical Interns below:

i. Failure of centres accredited for the training to fully meet the quotas allocated to them despite having been deemed capable of training such numbers of interns every year.
ii. Heavy interference by politicians and society elites.

iii. Nepotism is now the order of the day in the selection process, thereby constantly leaving out those who have no one to project them.

iv. Extortion of money by some centres in the name of registration/interview fees.

v. Tribalism/ethnic discrimination in the selection process, resulting in several futile trips and wastage of resources.

vi. Bribery and corruption in the current system. Some centres now sell the slots at varying prices to the frustrated prospective interns across the nation.

vii. Multiple placements for the well/highly connected when several others are yet to secure any.

viii. Endangering our lives on the Nigerian roads. This is so, as every prospective intern/house officer embark on long distance journey to any state across the nation when any hospital calls for recruitment. Most times, those travelling from very far locations will have to embark on night trips to be able to make it to an interview.

ix. Regrettable loss of lives from road accidents. The incidence of this sad fate, which should not be that of the prospective nigerian intern, is on the rise.

x. Periodic (yearly or two-yearly) payment of fees for the renewal of licenses issued at graduation/induction upon failure to personally secure the internship placement before the expiry date on the previously issued license. We see this as nothing but a form of extortion and unfair treatment of a prospective intern.

I bet it sounds very familiar if you've done your internship, so please join the movement #RegulateMedicalInternship and tell your friends too.

Your Guide to Internship

Your Guide To Internship

Internship is an international name for the opportunity to try your hand at a particular job or in a particular company. Most internships are designed for recent graduates, although you can also get a position as an intern while you’re still obtaining a degree - for example, during the summer break. There are many types of internships: they can be paid and unpaid, and can last from a couple of weeks to up to a year.

Even though an internship, especially an unpaid one, can not be everyone’s cup of tea, it’s still the only chance for many young specialists to get their foot in the door of an established company or try their luck in their dream job. If you want to find an internship worth of your skills and talents, you can look for it on Jiji, where you’ll discover thousands of attractive job and internship offers. And remember that your new internship can be just a click away!

Competitive environment

Even though an internship doesn’t guarantee you a permanent, paid position with the company in the future, HR managers still receive hundreds of applications for a single internship ad. This is where your first round of competition begins, as it’s your job to prove you’re the best candidate to the employer. However, companies often hire several interns, but only one of them can get a permanent job at the end, and if you want to get the job, you’ll need to compete with other interns. This race for a job can be quite stressful, so you need to weigh all pros and cons before agreeing to an internship.

Without a doubt, the biggest benefit of any internship is the experience you get. It all starts with the application process, where you learn how to make your CV more attractive and how to go through a job interview. Then, when you’re accepted, you start getting various tasks, which are the perfect opportunity to improve your professional skills and learn new ones. And don’t forget about the communication - by interacting with other workers on a daily basis you get a better idea about the job specifics and learn to communicate better. Plus, an internship at a large company is a great addition to your resume!

Cons of an internship
With a few exceptions, the internships offered at most companies are unpaid, which means you either have to live with your parents in order to afford working for free, or you need to find a paying job and combine these two responsibilities. Another reason why an internship may not be for you is the fact that interns are rarely considered to be equal to permanent employees - interns are usually given low-skill, repetitive and menial tasks and don’t really get the opportunity to shine. However, that’s not always the case, and your internship can turn out to be the best time of your life!

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Monday, 25 July 2016

Fake Doctor Arrested For Aborting 2nd Trimester Pregnancy

Oyo State Police Command has arrested 26 year old Akilapa Johnson for posing as a doctor and   carrying out a life threatening abortion on a 23 year old woman in Ibadan.

Johnson was said to have performed an abortion on Barakat who was five months pregnant without any formal training as a medical doctor.

The State Commissioner of Police, Leye Oyebade said, “The abortion was carried out in the suspect’s one apartment which served as clinic located in a slum at the Sasa Area of Ibadan. Shortly after the abortion, the victim developed serious complications which resulted in her being admitted at the UCH where she is presently lying ill.”

“Investigation revealed that the fake doctor, a Secondary School Leaving Certificate holder, was only trained as a paramedic nurse and a first aid giver. Exhibits recovered from the suspects are two pieces of stethoscopes, two pieces of Plaster of Paris bandages, four pairs of hand gloves, injection and syringe.”

The suspect admitted to the crime saying, “It was one Azeez that brought Barakat to my house for the abortion. It was after taking some pills that she developed the complication. I am regretting my actions now. I am only looking for a means of survival.”

The police also said Akilapa had fooled many people for a long time posing as a doctor.

.......and writing unbelievably ridiculous diagnosis.


Tweet of the Day!

Wow! From one African to another.

"People will no longer be buried alive mistakenly" says Oluwo of Iwo

The Oluwo of Iwo, Oba AbdulRasheed Akanbi, has taken delivery of about N1.5bn worth of hospital equipment and consumables which will be donated to the State Hospital in Iwo, Osun state.

The monarch (who formerly resided in Canada) said the National Association of Young Adults in Canada donated the equipment consisting of digital ultrasound machines, 30 electrical beds, defibrillators and much more.

He  also explained that the practice in Islam where the dead are buried immediately might have led to situations where those who merely went into coma or had a faint pulse were buried alive and the new equipment would help in confirming that someone is dead before they are buried.

The monarch also promised to help renovate Iwo hospital before the new equipment is installed

Meanwhile, the Chief Medical Officer, State Hospital, Iwo, Dr. Oyebamiro Idowu has expressed appreciation to the monarch, saying  the hospital has never received such from any government at once, while promising that the equipment would be well used for the benefit of the people.

Test your Surgery Knowledge: Varicocele

A 14-year-old male presents for a routine physical examination. During a genital examination, you note a mass over the left testicle. This mass feels like a bag of worms, but resolves when you examine the patient in the supine position.
The most appropriate course of care would be:

a. Observation
b. Testicular volume evaluation
c. Immediate referral for surgical correction
d. Hormonal therapy
e. Referral to an infertility specialist when indicated

The correct answer is B.
This patient has a varicocele, which is not a normal variant but rather a collection of dilated and tortuous veins in the pampiniform plexus around the spermatic cord. The cause is not fully understood, but it has been hypothesized that varicoceles result from increased venous pressure and incompetent valves. Approximately 85%-95% occur on the left side, and if they are found on the right side or occur bilaterally, surgical intervention is recommended. Also, if the varicocele is large or painful, has an acute onset, or does not resolve in the supine position, a surgical referral should be made. Infertility is a problem for only 10%-15% of patients with varicoceles, and hormonal therapy is not recommended. Testicular volumes should be measured, and if the affected testicle has a volume 2 mL less than the normal testicle, referral is prudent.

Three ESUT Teaching Hospital Arrested For Forgery

Three workers in Enugu State University of Technology Teaching Hospital, Parklane, have been arrested for allegedly gaining employment with forged letters, purportedly written by Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi.

Southern City News learnt that the said letters bore the official letterhead of the Office of the Governor and also had the governor’s signature.

The suspects, Onuoha Gloria, Onwuameze Roseline and Thomas Nwigwe, were reportedly employed as accountant on Grade 11, Level 7, Higher Executive Officer Level 8 and chief typist CONTISS 8, Step 13, respectively.

Southern City News learnt the employment scam was uncovered after some employees of the hospital, who were suspicious of irregularities in the appointment of the new workers, raised the alarm.

Sunday, 24 July 2016



Guest Speaker: Barr. Sesan Olajide, LL.B, B.L, M.I.L.R, MICA (Legal Department LUTH, Idi Araba, Lagos)

NMA AGM 2016
DAY 1 – Sunday 24th July, 2016 Thanksgiving at Chapel of Transfiguration LUTH
Time: 10am Prompt

DAY 2 – Monday 25th July, 2016 Visitation to Heritage Homes Orphanage, Anthony Village
Time: 10am Prompt

DAY 3 – Tuesday 26th July, 2016 Free Medical Outreach  Venue: Ikoyi Prisons ‘,„ Time: 10am Prompt

DAY 4 – Wednesday 27th July, 2016 Opening Ceremony & Scientific Conference Sickle Cell Centre Idi-Araba Time: 9:30am Prompt

Time: 10:00am Prompt

DAY 6: Friday 29th July, 2016 CME/NMA Quiz Competition /Jummat Service Venue: Hall 36.LUTH, Idi.Araba
LUTH/CMUL Central Mosque

DAY 7 – Saturday 30th July, 2016  Dinner/Swearing in of Elected Officers
Time: 6pm Prompt

Registration N10, 000

Attend and get 20 CME POINTS!!!

Executive Governot of Lagos state

NMA Chairman, Lagos.

Chariman L.O.C

The Sad Story of the Nigerian Doctor by Dr John

Nigeria is the only country where one is expected to perform optimally while in one of the harshest environments. I was in a function recently in Illinois, USA when an American soldier walked in with his uniform. Everybody in the gathering stood up in reverence to the soldier. For about five minutes, I was confused and surprised. I was aware that we were not expecting a guest in the gathering but while the drama unfolded, I learnt that they normally do that to their military personnel, out of respect for laying down their lives for their nation.

But my focus is on doctors, they too heroes, in a way like soldiers. Today, every Nigerian wants medical doctors to perform like their counterparts in the USA,UK etc without bringing down the working conditions and remuneration packages obtainable there to our own country. It is indisputable that the efficiency of labour is determined by two major factors, an optimal working condition and good remuneration. Who bothers to compare the salaries, per annum , of American doctors and those in Nigeria?

I was in a restaurant recently where bank officials next to me were discussing salaries of doctors. One was saying that she thought doctors were being paid millions of naira until she was in the unit that processes salaries. They said all sorts of things, but I kept quiet, after all nobody knew my identity. To an average Nigerian, doctors are humanitarian workers. Yes, I accept that obvious fact, but we are not living in houses donated by humanitarian governments/agencies, our children don’t go to schools built by humanitarian agencies  where tuition fees would be free either. We don’t drive humanitarian cars and when we or our spouses go to the market to buy things, we are not given what we want so that humanitarian government can pay for us later.

Doctors in the private sector treat patients and save lives, but the relatives will refuse to pay, they may even find a way to attack the hospital staff and ‘free’ their relatives. To them, the doctor is a humanitarian worker, hence the medical consumables used in saving their relative’s lives were supplied free of charge to the hospital by other humanitarian agencies. An average Nigerian complains that doctors are more interested in the initial deposit before saving lives but  nobody will equally complain about patients and their relatives who are ready to beat up the doctors and their workers after saving the lives of their relatives and well-wishers in order to leave our hospitals without paying a dime.

Security agents are not helping matters, either. The security agents mounting roadblocks  will see a doctor rushing down to a hospital for a medical emergency and they will want the doctor to either ‘roger’ or come down to present all the papers for checking without minding the traffic congestion awaiting the said doctor in our busy roads. Also, personnel of our Federal Road Safety Corps will use the opportunity to check your tyres, the quality of your car engine etc and when they are done with you, the patient you are rushing to treat would then be on the way to the mortuary. How many doctors, as humanitarian workers, are allowed not to queue up in our banks, filling stations etc so that they can be attended to first for them to go and continue their humanitarian services? We are only humanitarian workers when we render services to the society but when the society renders services to us, all citizens will be equal before the law. That is the true story of the Nigerian doctor, and it is a sad one.

Dr. John wrote in from Port Harcourt, Rivers State.


Another Hilarious Diagnosis of Life!

The technician wrote: "No gestational sac, uterus are normal size. Please treat her for typhoid and tell her to stop anything sugar and starch for now."

He actually saw typhoid with his eyes in her womb. Lmao!!!

Photo Credit- Ejiro

Saturday, 23 July 2016

N3Million to study Medicine

According toAfroFactz, Babcock charges its students N3million to study medicine.
Hopefully it's for the entire program and not one year.

Friday, 22 July 2016

Diagnosis of Life!

 The picture above shows one of the most ridiculous ultrasound reports ever written. Read it below:

There is mild enlargement of the heart with rapid or irregular rate of 142bpm, nil precordial effusion or ascites.

The kidney, liver, spleen, pancreas are normal.
Other abdominal organs are normal/

Diagnosis: Features of Angina Pectoris

.....I want to believe the "sonographer" was joking. Lol!

CME/CPD Conference


So not!

Fake Abuja Doctor Regains Freedom

Victor Akpan, the man who ran a hospital in Gwarinpa using a forged practice licence, has been released by the police.

Akpan was arrested June 10 after an MDCN-led investigation and his admittal to the police that he paid N15,000 to get a forged licence to practice as a surgeon in Luna Hospital, Abuja.

Also, photos of him performing surgeries were pasted on the wall of his consultation room at the Luna Hospital in Gwarinpa.

It was gathered that investigation into Akpan’s case was stalled after the police demanded that MDCN officials pay the cost of transportation and investigation after he was transferred from Gwarinpa police station to the FCT command headquarters.

Now more than a month after Akpan was arrested, sources say that the MDCN officials have not been informed of any moves to prosecute him.

Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Woman Loses Eye After Visit To The Dentist

The last thing that comes to mind when paying a visit to the doctor is something bad, like a freak accident could happen to you. But before you get too comfy, remember anything could happen, like this New Jersey mom who lost her eye to a dental error.

Jenn Morrone went to see her dentist for a root canal  and her dentist didn't offer her any eye protection for the procedure, contravening industry standards.

During the procedure, a needle used for a Novocaine injection fell in her eye, transferring bacteria from her mouth which caused a serious infection that resisted antibiotics and multiple surgeries.

The routine procedure ultimately caused the loss of Morrone's eye and she now wears a prosthetic eye.

"This was 100% preventable, what happened to me," Morrone told CBS Philly. "If eye protection was worn, we wouldn't be here and I would still have my vision and my life would be a lot different."

While Morrone did reach a settlement with the dentist, who must remain anonymous according to the terms, she took away another important lesson. She's now campaigning for eye protection at the dentist, starting with her Facebook page Jenn's Vision. "I had to fight back the only way I could," she said. "And one of the most important things to me was making sure this didn't happen again."

Monday, 11 July 2016

"Only Mortuaries Function Effectively in Nigerian Hospitals"- Dr Sunny Acho

A Nigerian doctor based in the United States of America, Dr. Sunny Acho, has said that “only mortuaries function ef­fectively in Nigerian hospitals.”

The Abia-born doctor who was on a two-week free medical mis­sion in Isuikwuato and Umun­neochi councils made the outburst in an interview with newsmen at Isuochi, Abia State last week.

His words: “ It’s unfortunate that only mortuaries function in Nige­rian hospitals. The masses are in hell here. People are dying needless deaths here and the government does not care.

“Hospitals in Nigeria are pre­pared mortuaries because only the mortuaries function in them”, he fumed.

The philanthropist who was on the medical trip with 30 medical professionals including doctors, nurses and pharmacists from the US said he was more pained by the insensitivity of the ruling class about the sorry-state of medical fa­cilities in the country.

He, therefore, called for a ban on foreign medical trips by govern­ment officials who prefer seeking medication abroad, using public funds. The measure, according to him will compel them to properly equip hospitals in the country for the good of all.

.......But haba, our hospitals can't be THAT bad.

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Sunday, 10 July 2016

U.S Doctors In Sex Abuse Scandal

Dr. David Newman

U.S. doctors are far from being saints according to a new report stating more than 2,400 U.S. doctors from all 50 states have been sanctioned for sexually abusing their patients.

What's more shocking is the seeming cloak of secrecy covering this scandal. In most cases, the state medical boards, which oversee physicians, have allowed more than half the sanctioned doctors to keep their licenses even after the accusations of sexual abuse were determined to be true.

In New York City the former head of clinical research at the Mount Sinai hospital emergency room, Dr. David Newman, faced charges of abusing four of his female patients, including one he allegedly drugged while she was in the ER.

Newman pleaded not guilty to charges, and if convicted, he could face up to seven years in prison.

In a different case, Dr. John McGuire sexually assaulted a patient recovering in a private room from the effects of anesthesia. He allegedly lifted the “plaintiff’s gown and placed his ungloved hands on her bare breasts and felt all around looking for ‘swelling.’”

In another alleged incident, the lawsuit claims McGuire “rubbed plaintiff’s vagina with an ungloved hand and fingers,” supposedly to check on a rash.

Dr. John McGuire has pleaded not guilty to the charges and is being held in jail on a $3 million bond while his licence has been suspended by the state medical board.

According to John Mittelman, a lawyer representing a group of female patients suing McGuire, “When you have a predator like Dr. McGuire, they’re not thinking like the rest of us, the rest of doctors,” said Mittelman. “They’re concerned only about one thing, and that’s their personal gratification. How else can you explain a doctor having sex with an unconscious patient?”

In a good news/bad news sort of way, even after being convicted of sex crimes and losing their licenses, doctors are often able to reapply to practise again.

Even honoured doctors like Dr. David Mata, once praised on the floor of Congress as a “great humanitarian” and named doctor of the year in Oregon, was accused of 140 counts of sexual abuse of patients.

He pleaded guilty to six counts of sexual acts with patients but was not sentenced to prison and served his probation at home.

I guess no country is perfect when it comes to the practice of medicine.

Thursday, 7 July 2016

"Spending 11 years studying Medicine is good"- Okebukola

A former Executive Secretary of the National Universities Commission, Professor Peter Okebukola, says the commission’s plan to make Medicine and Dentistry post-graduate programmes was long overdue.

He said such initiative would not only put an end to producing “baby doctors,” it would also ensure that graduates emerging from the programmes were psychologically mature to practise, with a high level of competence.

Okebukola, an educationist said it was standard practice across the world for medical students to have a first degree before proceeding on medical training, noting that the development would facilitate an improved health care system in the country.

The NUC had said recently that with its new curriculum, a medical student would be expected to have graduated in any of Anatomy, Biochemistry and Physiology before being admitted for the actual clinical training that would take another seven years and lead to the award of Doctor of Medicine and not just MBBS.

He said, “A consensus was reached by medical experts across the country that a key pathway to remediation is to adopt the global best practice in medical education of enrolling students not fresh from secondary schools but those with a first degree in disciplines allied to Medicine. After the first degree, they then proceed to the doctor of medicine degree.”

He advised those who want courses of shorter duration to elect for courses outside Medicine.

.....Like he did.


Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Candida Auris - The Deadly Yeast Infection

Most women — and some men — are familiar with yeast infections. While they are no doubt an uncomfortable nuisance, they are rarely dangerous.

However, a new strain of drug-resistant and fatal yeast infections, known as Candida auris has recently been reported spreading throughout the globe. Not only is it resistant to medications, it’s also highly fatal.

C. auris infections are typically found in the urinary and respiratory tract. In addition, rather than irritating the skin, these infections can lead to serious blood and wound infections.

So far, the strain has been identified in nine countries throughout four continents: Japan, South Korea, India, South Africa, Kuwait, Colombia, Venezuela, Pakistan, and the United Kingdom.

Without a way to combat this new strain of yeast, the death toll has been alarmingly high — 60 percent of patients with the infection have died already, The Washington Post reported. Additionally, at least two countries have reported outbreaks of C. auris infections involving more than 30 patients.

Yeast infections typically develop from antibiotic use — which inadvertently kills immune cells that control yeast populations — as well as from pregnancy, uncontrolled diabetes, and taking oral contraceptives.

Officials have reported that C. auris is mainly being contracted in long-stay hospitals, where patients risk infection from contact with contaminated surfaces and equipment.  The CDC says that properly cleaning equipment and accurately reporting cases of the infection are the first step to controlling C. auris.


Saturday, 2 July 2016

Bride breastfeeds her baby during wedding

Christina Torino-Benton got married to her childhood sweetheart Danny Benton on June 18 and when her baby got fussy, she breastfed her in the middle of the ceremony.

To show support, the priest simply carried on with the ceremony at the Resurrection of Our Lord Church in Lachine.

Torino-Benton, from Montreal, Quebec, told the Daily Mail: “At the church it was like 40 degrees, Gemma was hot, she missed her nap and was overall really crabby.

“I don’t pump or bottle feed and I’m all about secure attachment parenting. She’s never left to cry so when she started crying I couldn’t focus on my wedding. All I was thinking about was taking her and nursing because I knew that was the only solution. Once I got her in my arms, I was able to calm down and focus. A lot of people think that my feeding her mid ceremony was a bother but actually it was nice having her up there with us.”

The mother of two captioned her photo: “Talk about feeding anytime and anywhere. That moment when you’re getting married and your baby gets hungry. Feeling SO proud of myself!”

She didn’t imagine that the picture would be shared thousands of times. “I never expected it to go viral like this. I thought I’d get a few likes from my breastfeeding peers and that’s that. I think sharing photos like this is important. Things like this do happen. I’m not the first and I won’t be the last and hopefully people will be more accepting and understanding.”

......Brave mum

Hospital Stories

A Nairalander wrote about his experience in National Orthopaedic Hospital, Enugu and it sounds like a scene from a Nollywood movie. Read his account below:

 "I had a bitter experience when I took my aged mum to Enugu orthopaedic. My mum had been suffering from chronic arthritis, she cries most night, I just couldn't withstand that myself.

I have taken her to different places, no positive result, this time i decided to take her to Enugu orthopaedic,after all the runing around, we saw the doctor, after asking about the family financial background, which was nothing to write home about, he billed us N3million, warning us that the sooner the better or it could go beyond repair, my mum left angrily leaving some of her drugs behind, till today the moment I wake from sleep, N3 million keep echoing in my head.I don't know where else to take her to now,the amount has escalated her health. pls suggestion is welcome."

....N3 million to treat arthritis sounds pretty unreasonable. If only there were reliable channels to channel this sort of complaints for resolution.

Mortuary Attendant Admits To Sleeping With Dead Women

This is old news but it remains as shocking as ever.

Last year, a Cameroonian man, Sharkan Lucas, made shocking revelations on video about how he took to having sex with dead bodies due to constant rejection from ladies.

Speaking on Ghanaian TV station ADOM TV, the mortician claimed that sleeping with the dead women (an act called necrophilia) was part of the training he received when he was hired at the hospital in Ghana.

Lucas said, “I do it many many times. That is the training you have to do that, because once you have done that you will not be afraid of them again. If you want to bath the dead body, you will carry her legs up to wash her private part, that’s why we are taught to learn to sleep with the corpses. When I am inside the mortuary, I see some fresh girls and I satisfy myself.

“Being with dead bodies is normal for me because I am with them day and night. I feel like they are living whenever I am at work.

“Besides, I wanted to marry but the girl says I am a mortuary man. I can satisfy myself at the mortuary because girls don’t want to date me outside or live with me for fear that I may kill them. Living women rejected me because of my job, that is why I am still single.

“Since I was born, I have never slept with a living being. Working in a mortuary is a gift God gave me, it’s my talent. It’s very rare, not everybody can do it.

“I am okay, I have no mental issues,” he added.

Meanwhile, Lucas said he was sacked shortly after he divulged his affairs on camera.


Can you guess the diagnosis?

This is the Leser-TrĂ©lat sign.  It is defined as the sudden eruption of multiple seborrheic keratoses caused by a malignancy/cancer ...