Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Young Lady Needs Donation For Medical Treatment

A young lady wrote this touching piece to solicit funds for her sister who's in dire need of funds for medical treatment. If you are touched, please give whatever you can.

Read her story in her own words below:

"My sister Sandra is only 29 years old. She was admitted to hospital for a simple gall bladder surgery. She was sent home after a couple of days, but when my mother sent me a picture of how distended her abdomen had gotten I advised her to return her to hospital and she was then operated on to drain the fluid.

However her stomach is still distended she's not mobilising nor eating or drinking. One of the Dr's decided she needs to be fed via PEG (this goes through the nostrils and ends up in the stomach), however the consultant overide the decision and they decided she was suitable for central line.

However a senior consultant secured the central line but in the wrong place, no consent was signed from my sister or my mother.This led to the complication of having and all the food going into the pleural cavity of her lung. They had to rush her back to theatres to correct this, they then discovered my sister has a clot due to the incompetence. And as they days went by she developed fluid on her lungs.

At present she's vomiting and not eating or drinking shes deteriorating very quickly. The hospital wants to transfer her to a specialist hospital to fix all that's basically gone wrong ASAP but it costs N6,000,000 but will not accept her for operation unless half the money is received. I am literally begging, I have never done anything like this but my sister is literally dying and i feel as though I cannot help her. If it hasn't for my nurse training my sister would've been dead because my mother is older and probably doesn't fully understand the medical terms they use to explain about my sister.

Please, please, please I need help any contribution is step forward to her having this operation.pls u can send ur donations to Sandra David 2027164615 UBA. For Friends and Family outside Nigeria, u can send ur donations by following this link https://www.gofundme.com/SandraD."

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