Thursday, 30 June 2016

Nurse Quits Job With A Cake

Thinking of quitting your job? Then take a cue from this nurse if you are bold enough.

Sarah Childers, a nurse in Lakewood, Washington, chose to tell her employers at Western State Hospital she was resigning with a cake.

The cake may be sweet, but Childers said the seven months she spent working at the hospital left a sour taste in her mouth.

Childers said the pay is low, the hours are long and hospital staff aren’t given enough training. She also said management spends too much time writing up employees’ mistakes and handing out punishments.

Kathleen Spears, communications manager of the Washington state Department of Social and Health Services, sent this statement to The Huffington Post:

This was quite likely the most unique ‘letter’ of resignation ever submitted to Western State Hospital. Meanwhile, we thank the 2,000 dedicated staff members who do come to work day and night because they find it both challenging and rewarding to help our patients on their journey to recovery.
One thing’s certain — Childers is definitely a contender for the prestigious title of “Person To Quit A Job In The Most Awesome Way Possible.”


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