Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Nigerians react to the news of resident doctors sack

  • Yesterday, the media was awash with news of the Federal Government sacking resident doctors because they went on strike and although some people have said the story is untrue, many Nigerians have taken to social media to voice their opinion.
  • Below are some of the comments Nigerians wrote in reaction to the news: 
  • "USELESS GOVERNMENT's not their fault because they fly out to get medical treatment."
  • "Dear sacked doctors , do not hesitate to start injecting government officials kids with killer syringe😡."
  • "I kinda like d action taken by d govt. Resident doctors luv going on strike, hold the nation to ransom all in d name of wages and conditions of service. The fact of the matter is, all workers in Nigeria r going tru the same hardship, one union can not continue to act like demi-gods. Doctor work naa 4 humanitarian work. Who dem epp see?
  • "Buhari continues to display foolishness in abundance."
  • "The masses will eventually be the ones to suffer, shebi they will still travel out to treat their finger and those ones who are suffering from this high cost of living will continue to suffer even when they fall ill!"
  • "Ok. I'm not surprised o! Because prof has a reputation for being a ruler with an iron fist ( ask those under him when he was CMD of UCH and vice chancellor of UI). However I think dialogue should have been employed before sacking the doctors." 
  • liliegreyIt's amazing how workers in this dispensation are not free to strike. If it was Jonathan time now, everybody will b forming right.
  • signor_alegria@holarjobs plix tell them 💁💁💁
  • badassvittyThem no born Gej papa to even insinuate this thing. Una for don kill am
  • sholamiposiI don't get hw cruel these people can be. Are doctors not human??Don't they have needs?? After everything some person with no knowledge of wat humanitarian service is all about wil com nd open his/her mouth to say doctors shudnt go on strike when some of you sit in your ac tight offices doing nothing nd stil get robust take home, dnt knw why ur skill of humanitarian service don't com out then. Nigeria my country I hail thee ."
  • As for me, I really hope the sack story is a rumour because it doesn't make any sense.

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