Monday, 27 June 2016


I saw this funny note on facebook which compared foreign nurses to Nigerian nurses.

I could not help but chuckle at the matron's part. Read the full piece below:

"If you see where a woman is giving birth abroad,even as a man, you will feel like getting pregnant.

For only one woman in Labour,You will see an obstetrician, a gynaecologist, a general surgeon, a specialist surgeon, an anaesthetist, a registered nurse midwife and even registered nurses, plus social welfare officer and so on.

And they pet women in labour That is why it is called "Delivery Room" over there.
But in Nigeria my country it is called "Labour Room".

And if you see what women go through here,You will agree that it should also be called confession and trial room.
Nigerian nurses make pregnancy look like a criminal offence.

And the worse thing is that they are everywhere Both private and government hospitals.

For instance, when a woman who is in Labour is brought to the hospital,They will throw her into the labour room and lock her up like a criminal awaiting trial. And they will go to the reception and be gossiping Or go into the Dr.'s office and be "totori-ing" Until the woman will start shouting like a goat.
And when they go to meet her is not to help her but to abuse her.
You hear things like....
" Na me do you?"
"The man wey do you no dey here oooO"
" Madam push oooO!"
"Abi u wan kill your pikin?"
" You better push now or I go leave you here ooO!"

Then the next thing is to report to Matron, Those matrons with extra extra large buttocks.
I no know wetin dey make their nyash big ooO But do you know if you don't have such an extra ordinarily extended pelvic protuberance (a.k.a.Big Nyash),You cannot be a matron in naija?.
Those matrons only have two jobs.

Sitting down in one place for hours or slapping women in Labour So when the matron is called,The next thing she does is to slap the woman in Labour And the baby will jump out with anger. (I wonder if they are not women themselves)
This practice pains me a lot,Because if you know how painful labour pain is YOU GO DEY RESPECT WOMEN AND SHOW THEM LOVE."

Do you agree with him?

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