Thursday, 12 May 2016

Treat All Gunshot Victims With or Without a Police Report

The Federal Government has given a CLEAR DIRECTIVE to all medical doctors in the country to treat emergencies including gun-shot victims without requesting police clearance or other restraints.

The Minister of Health, Isaac Adewole, gave the directive at the swearing-in of 342 foreign trained medical doctors and six dentistry graduates in Abuja last week.

Prof. Adewole urged doctors to treat patients on emergency before asking for money, adding that life is more precious than money.

He further advised them to continually practise within the limit of their competence and imbibe global best practice to better their lots in the profession.

"Doctors must show no restraint in treating emergencies, even with gun-shot wounds you must treat them, thereafter raise questions."

Mr. Adewole, who noted some of the challenges in the profession to include lack of adequate places for internship programmes, however, assured of government commitment to fund the programme.

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