Saturday, 14 May 2016

Dr. Pimple Popper Tackles The "Biggest Pimple EVER"

Ever since Californian dermatologist Dr Sandra Lee, also known as Dr Pimple Popper started making viral videos of herself popping pimples and cysts, she's become quite a sensation.

In her latest video, she bursts the 'mother of all cysts' on an elderly gentleman's head.

Dr Lee, who works at Skin Physicians & Surgeons in Upland, California, titled the YouTube video: 'The Biggest Dilated Pore of Winer?!'

But underneath the clip she wrote: 'Today I present to you a "mother" of a cyst. I mistakenly call this a dilated pore of Winer when in actuality I would say this is an epidermoid cyst…

'…we sent it for pathology and it was confirmed to me a benign epidermoid cyst microscopically.
'There ya have it! Now go enjoy this great day with the ones you love, and give your momma a big hug and pop 'em a kiss from me too, if you can!'

Epidermoid cysts are non-cancerous lumps beneath the skin, which commonly appear on the face, neck and torso. They occur when hair follicles become blocked with wet, dead, skin cells.

In another video discussing her success, Dr Lee said: 'I feel like I have really brought this sort of thing out of the closet, in a way.

'Previously people were hiding in their rooms, at their computer sweating and worried that someone was going to come in and catch them looking at pimple porn.

'But now they they feel like they have this community and it's okay to kind of like this and be into this.'

Well, different strokes for different folks.

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