Friday, 19 February 2016

JOHESU Postpones Strike Action, Give 21-Day Ultimatum

So far 2016 has been eventFUL and we've witnessed myriads of drama in many industries in Nigeria including the health sector (side-eyes at Governor Aregbesola). But it appears the "mother-of-all-battles" is set to resume in the health sector---JOHESU Vs NMA.

The grouse remains the same between both parties, but in the face of recent happenings and the current political clime, I have an eerie feeling the health sector may witness a change of EPIC proportions--akin to the dawn of a new era.

I am referring to the Federal Government acceding to JOHESU's demand for the heads of Federal Health institutions to be designated “Chief Executive Officers, against the present Chief Medical Directors”- part of their 10-point agenda.

Other demands include the implementation of new circular on the promotion of its members from CONHESS 14 to 15 as directors, placing a premium on the need to sanction defaulting hospital managements.

JOHESU also wants all Heads of Services (HoS) to ensure the expedited issuance of an enabling circular that authorizes consultancy cadre for health professionals and the conferment of a consultancy status on those who have adhered to due process.

The workers have been pressing for these demands for a long time and I feel it might finally happen.

Still, in a show of good faith, JOHESU shelved their planned nationwide strike action on Thursday and extended the ultimatum issued to the Federal Government by 21 days.

But this is only a brief reprieve as the union has placed it members on alert for a strike action should the Government fail to heed its demands.

Meanwhile, the Nigerian Medical Association (NMA) has condemned the intended strike action by JOHESU and maintain they will not participate in the strike action while imploring intensive security measures be put in place to protect doctors.

....So the die is cast 'again' and the rumble begins!

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