Friday, 12 February 2016

Egyptian Doctors Protest Escalating Police Brutality

On Friday, thousands of Egyptian doctors took to the streets to protest police brutality, following the alleged assault of two doctors in a hospital last month.

According to reports, one of the doctors was assaulted at a Cairo hospital after telling a police officer that his cut was simple and didn't require stitches. The Policeman then beat up the doctor and a colleague and dragged them off into custody.

The protesters gathered outside the Doctors' syndicate headquarters in Qasr El-Aini Street near down town Cairo, carrying banners demanding the “immediate trial of the criminals who humiliated doctors.”

The Egyptian Medical Syndicate also held an emergency meeting on Friday and called for the prosecution of the police officers involved in the assault.

The syndicate warned that the protests would continue if the officers involved are not brought to trial.

Since then, the Arabic hashtag interpreted "support the doctors' syndicate" has been trending on Twitter in Egypt.

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