Thursday, 14 January 2016

WHO Declares Ebola Outbreak Over (+ Bye-Bye Ebola Video)

On Thursday, the two-year Ebola epidemic that killed 11,000 and triggered a global health alert was declared over, when Liberia the last country was declared Ebola-free.

Although this calls for celebration, many health officials remain sceptical about future Ebola outbreaks.

Rick Brennan, the World Health Organization's chief of emergency risk management, told reporters in Geneva that "the job is still not done", pointing out that there had already been 10 small flare-ups because of the persistance of the virus in survivors.

Also, UN chief Ban Ki-moon warned West Africa can expect sporadic cases in the coming year but added "we also expect the potential and frequency of those flare-ups to decrease over time".

In Monrovia, where locals have become accustomed to good news on Ebola being followed by setbacks, there was no official programme of celebration.

Hopefully, there'll be a real vaccine soonest to stem future outbreaks and just in case you missed it, watch the hilarious Bye-Bye Ebola video below by Sierra-Leonans below:

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