Saturday, 23 January 2016

Parents Arrested After Son Gets Stuck In Toilet

Two Ohio parents have been arrested after the toddler they left at home alone became stuck in a toilet.

Rashaan Cuffee and Justice Chance, both 20, were charged with child endangerment after their Canton neighbors heard the 20-month-old crying for more than 30 minutes.

The abandoned boy had used the toilet before falling into his porcelain problem, according to Inde Online.

Police say Chance told them her sister was supposed to be babysitting the child, but believe that the mother left him alone to go shopping because she was carrying bags from Walmart when she returned.

Officers say they also found three marijuana plants in a cupboard at the home, leading to illegal cultivation charges against the couple.

The Stark County Department of Job & Family Services took temporary custody of the child while Cuffee and Chance remain in jail on $25,250 and $26,000 bail respectively.

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