Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Junior Doctor Makes Adele's "Hello" A Hilarious Strike Song

Yesterday, junior doctors in the UK took to the streets as early as 8am to protest an unfair contract that affected their pay and work conditions.

Like Nigerian doctors, they carried placards and stood on the street to make their stand on the new contract proposed by the Health Secretary, Jeremy Hunt.

Under the new contract, some junior doctors will face a pay cut of up to 30% combined with longer days and more unsociable hours.

Also, Saturday will be classed as a normal working day (7am - 10pm) and pay will no longer match the experience junior doctors’ gain through their training. In addition, doctors will be financially penalised if they take time out to have a baby, go part time, or do research.

According to the Health Secretary, the new contract was created to reduce the number of deaths that occur in hospitals during weekends when few doctors are available. However, junior doctors are saying this is unacceptable because they have a right to a personal life and working on weekends can never be the same as working on a week day.

In an attempt to create humour out of the situation, Mikey Warren, a junior doctor released a hilarious parody of Adele's Hello to publicize the strike action. Click here to watch the video

This is the first strike in over 40 years of the NHS and it's based on work conditions and salaries. Pretty much like strikes by Nigerian doctors.

Clearly, the Hippocrates oath sworn by doctors worldwide will always be affected when poor/no pay is involved--so Nigerian doctors are not selfish.

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  1. Exactly. They are chosin the easy way out. Chosing to force everyone into working on saturday , rather than making weekend calls more attractive by increasing call allowance.


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