Monday, 4 January 2016

ISIS Pleads For Doctors to Treat Injured Fighters

A British jihadi fighting in Syria known for his social media posts about his difficulties finding a wife has admitted many members of the group are dying due to poor medical treatment.

In an open letter attempting to persuade others to join ISIS in Iraq and Syria, Omar Hussain bemoaned the deaths caused by a lack of properly trained doctors and nurses.

The letter was published in April last year, but only recently translated and circulated in online forums, where it was obtained by the website Vocative.

He wrote: 'I have been to the hospitals up and down the state and so many hospitals lack not only man power but also doctors who are qualified for their jobs.

'I have seen many trainees training others on how to treat wounds, and many errors are committed by these untrained, unqualified, inexperienced helpers. The assistance, care and supervision of many brothers goes unchecked.'

Attempting to convince others to join the group, the 27-year-old from High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, goes on to admit the shortage is so bad untrained fighters are assisting with surgeries.

He writes: 'You do not need to be an expert in your field to make a difference here, even someone with a year or two of studies is a big help.

'As I mentioned previously, we have brothers here who have not studied anything, yet due to the lack of doctors they help out in the hospitals, and many times, even help in major surgeries and operations.The wage here may not be as much as you get in the west but do we live for this life or do we live for the hereafter? Is money more important than the life of your Muslim brother?'

Dubbed the 'loneliest jihadi', Hussain has been regularly used by his superiors for propaganda purposes and has repeatedly attempted to lure women into ISIS territory.

Culled From Dailymail UK

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