Friday, 8 January 2016

Chief Tony Anenih Recovering From Heart Surgery

Former PDP Chairman and Edo statesman, Chief Tony Anenih underwent heart surgery in the UK December, last year.

According to TheCable, a member of the family confirmed the development, saying it was “only God” that saved the life of the 82-year-old politician.

It was said that the heart condition was accidentally discovered when the former minister of works and housing was preparing to return to Nigeria after a visit to the UK.

He was said to have complained of “irregular heartbeat”, prompting a family member to make an emergency call for an ambulance.

“The ambulance arrived within five minutes and he was taken out on a stretcher, with paramedics giving him oxygen support. It was at the hospital that it was discovered that he had some heart issues which he had not experienced before,” the source said.

Anenih was immediately booked in for a surgery, which was successful. He returned to Nigeria shortly before Christmas but he is “looking pale”, another family source told TheCable.

On an academic note, not all abnormal heart rhythms are treated by surgery, your doctor may recommend medication to stop, prevent or control it.  Alternatively, he might suggest suggest a procedure such as cardioversion or catheter ablation, or surgery to insert an implantable cardioverter defibrillator (ICD) or pacemaker.

In Chief Anenih's case, he may have undergone cardiac ablation- a procedure that destroys areas in the heart that cause heart rhythm problems.

During the procedure, small wires called electrodes are placed inside the heart to measure its electrical activity and destroy the "bad areas" of the heart.

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