Saturday, 19 December 2015

Nigerian Woman's Kidney Stolen in Italy

A Nigerian woman, Mrs. Julie Osamese Idehyen, from Edo State, is currently seeking help from Nigeria's House of Representatives on account of her kidney, which was stolen in a hospital in Italy.

According to reports, Mrs. Julie's predicament is said to have followed the ill treatment meted to her by some Italian "medical criminals' in a hospital known as Amideos Avoya hospital.

Julie recounts that on that fateful day while still in her hospital bed, the hospital personnel, whom she referred to as "medical criminals" pinned her stomach to the hospital bed and forcefully cut open her abdomen, pouring a substance which smelt like alcohol to the sore wound.

She also said she was injected a substance by the doctor and his assistants against her wish, which made her suffer memory loss and left her paralyzed.

She was thereafter abandoned for about a week before she gained consciousness. Allegedly, she asked what had happened to her but never got any response until she was moved to another room to join a patient before she realized that her kidney had been stolen from her.

To cover their tracks, the hospital forged medical certificates indicating that she gave her consent to all the "ill treatment" she received.

To get justice for Mrs Julie, Dr. Iyke Ezeugo, a family consultant, submitted a petition dated November 24, 2015 to the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Yakubu Dogara in respect of an allegation of stolen kidney and attempted murder of Julie Idehyen, and the petition is already before the house for immediate legislative intervention.

The petitioners also prayed the House of Representatives to take adequate steps to ensure that Nigerian diplomatic missions in all countries live up to their responsibilities in defending and protecting vulnerable Nigerians in the countries of their assignment.

At the moment, Mrs. Julie's health is failing and she is receiving medical attention in another Italian hospital.

Poor woman!

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