Saturday, 19 December 2015

Nigerian Woman Has RARE Tumour Removed in India

A 30-year-old Nigerian woman, Ighoko, who had difficulty swallowing due to a tumour exerting pressure on her heart, is now smiling after doctors at Frontier Lifeline hospital in India performed a complex surgery on her.

According to the Times of India, hospitals in Nigeria refused to operate on Ighoko because the tumour was located near her heart.

"Tests showed the tumour was outside the heart and it was compressing the oesophagus, lungs and heart, causing difficulty in swallowing, breathlessness and lowering her cardiac pressure," Dr Sanjay Cherian said. Her symptoms had become so severe that she couldn't walk and found it hard to breathe.

The patient was wheeled in for an emergency surgery on November 12 and biopsy revealed she had a rare tumour called Liposarcoma of the posterior Mediastinum.

Photo Credit- Science Direct

"The tumour was 18cm wide and was attached to the spine. Only around 100 such cases have been documented in the world so far," he said.

In a surgery lasting four hours, the surgical team removed the tumour. Within a couple of days, Ighoko stabilised and is now able to breathe and eat well and can also walk normally.

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