Thursday, 24 December 2015

Nigerian Man Invents One-Of-A-Kind Monitoring System

Chide Ohagi, a secondary school leaver from Abia state has come up with an invention in the medical field called the “Cohagi Intravenous Monitor” (CIM)  and a lighting mechanism called the "Cohagi Ever Light."

Ohagi came up with the invention to address certain issues he'd observed during a previous admission in the hospital. 

He said, "I noticed that when a patient's IV fluids finished (without the attention of the medics), the patient's blood would begin to rise up through the IV line. Medically there is no known hazard associated with this incident but the psychological hazard it might cause prompted me to create this monitor."

He added that, although, the phenomenon of blood going up the tube causes no harm, he had witnessed a situation where a patient slapped a nurse for allowing his blood go up the line.

To avoid this, the Abia State-born scientist invented CIM which will help medics monitor the process of the infusion and duly alert them when it was done.

Besides monitoring the infusion process in a patient, the invention, according the 41-year-old inventor, detects when an IV line is not properly sited in a vein.

“When blood clots on the tip of the needle the invention identifies it as a line blockage, it acts accordingly. Again, if the patient’s temperature goes higher or lowers than normal the monitor alerts the medics. Most importantly, this monitor aids a weak patient to call for assistance when the patient needs attention."

Describing how he acquired his technical know-how. Ohagi said, "Although I was not able to study in the higher institution, I later came in contact with Cleveman Institute of Electronics, Ohio in United States of America and they offered me admission to study Electronic System Engineering. The institute is not concerned with grades an applicant makes but they solely depend on the interest of the applicant to study Engineering. It was not easy for me to study in the institute due to lack of finance, I could not pay my fees so I dropped out. Later, I joined Radio Netherland because they were running a short technical programme. So, that was how I started."

He said many components were involved in putting together the CIM which is fully digitalized and took him four years to develop.

Now Ohagi is seeking the assistance of his state as well as the Federal Government to grant him financial assistance for the mass production of his invention which is estimated to cost about N153 million.

I must say his invention makes sense especially if it will prevent future slaps.... lol.


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